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Using a Controller for APB 2019/2020

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Basically this will be a guide on how to work your controller for APB (on PC of course) correctly.

This will also allow full control on senstivity which is missing by default, and drivng control, which is also missing by default.

All changes will be made in the APBInput. ini file which is located D:\*InstallDir*\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config.

Note that you will need to have an Xbox Controller, or emulated Xbox 360 Controller for the game to support your controller. No additional changes will be needed.


So firstly, you will want to ADD these lines into your file under the line Bindings=(Name="Nine",Command="Button m_bNine"). :

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftX",Command="Axis aVehicleTurn Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")

- This will allow you to have steering control of the vehicle, but its not full steering degree control (same as keyboard).


- This is optional. If you dont want to keep pressing a button to Sprint, use this. Note that it will constantly sprint and will sprint no matter how far you push the analog stick.


Next, you have the option to either add, replace or remove some binds to existing lines of code for the controller as some will already be in place.

If you were to jump into the game as it is now, keys such as B on your controller (or O if you use a PS4 controller like me) will automatically be binded to FIRE, and cannot be replaced. If you bind a button IN GAME to B it will be 'Double Binded' and carry out the action of both binds simultaneously, so i suggest changing them or erasing it completely.

Note that you shouldn't need to change change ANYTHING beyond the line Bindings=(Name="Nine",Command="Button m_bNine").

This is my binds for example :

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_Start",Command="|onrelease showmenu")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger_Axis",Command="Axis m_fLeftTrigger")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightTrigger_Axis",Command="Axis m_fRightTrigger")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftX",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftY",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftShoulder",Command="Button m_bNumPadOne")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightShoulder",Command="Button m_bNumPadTwo")
Bindings=(Name="Eight",Command="Button m_bEight")
Bindings=(Name="Nine",Command="Button m_bNine")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftX",Command="Axis aVehicleTurn Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")


Next, you will want to change the lines;

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightX",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.1")

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightY",Command="Axis aLookup Speed=0.8 DeadZone=0.2")

To look like this;

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightY",Command="Count bYAxis | Axis aMouseY Speed=+5.0 DeadZone=0.05")

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightX",Command="Count bXAxis | Axis aMouseX Speed=+10.0 DeadZone=0.05")

This will allow COMPLETE customisation of your senstivity, as it gives it the mouse layout. This means you can now change your mouse settings IN GAME, and the senstivity of the analog movement will change respectively.


Now you should be set to boot up APB and either finish binding controls in-game or start playing!

Please also take notice that this isn't yet a perfected way of playing APB on PC with a controller, as there are still some missing binds (car drive-by for example) but i will hopefully perfect this eventually!


If anyone wants the whole file instead of changing your own i dont mind pasting the whole line of code here, just let me know!

My in-game Character VaIkyrja (EU) Citadel

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Hi, I'm trying to use my controller for just driving only. will this help with just changing the driving controls?

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