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Remove Remote Det, Make Meteor Available

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I figure this would be a good way to deal with a mod that has been a frequent complaint among players ever since it was added.  This would make it so that you have to be in your car to trigger it, and so you have to actually aim where you want it to blow up.


"Ooh but 'good' players don't use remote det so it's not a problem"  "If you're good then you won't ever get killed by it"  These have been common arguments to keep Remote Det, but it's kinda hard to avoid getting killed by it when someone comes barreling in with Explosives III, gets out and immediately starts firing, and triggers it when they know they're going to die just to get that easy definite kill.  The delay before the explosion is just too short to get away from and on top of that the alarm doesn't always play before the car explodes.  For whatever reason, Remote Det also has an insanely short 1 second long cooldown timer.  Meteor has a reasonable 90 second cooldown timer.


For those who don't know, Meteor is the mod on the Vegas Firebomb that acts like a combination of Brick and Remote Det that when triggered, causes the car to accelerate and explode on impact with any solid surface or vehicle.  There have been some complaints with Meteor for not functioning properly but I believe the main problem is that the mod can be deactivated after being triggered by pressing Shift.  So basically if you leave the car and immediately sprint it'll deactivate.  If it were just made so that the mod could not be deactivated once triggered, then I think it would be fixed.

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