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Adding OPGL in JOKER tickets TRADE?

Adding OPGL in JOKER tickets TRADE?  

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  1. 1. Adding OPGL in JOKER tickets TRADE?

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Hi everybody,


First of all thanks LO for this new trade system with the JK, added something fresh to do in playing time.


As explosive weapon the only available is the OSNAW,  I would like to know what you may think at the idea of adding OPGL available by exchanging for Joker tickets.


At the moment I have several Joker tickets but I haven't any idea how to use them because a lot weapons/ cars/ clothings etc I have already purchased in ARMAS or I am not interested to use for other actually purposes.


As a lover for grenade launchers and having all 3 EOL, The only thing I would like to spend them it's for a hypotetical permanent OPGL for completing the collection and after several years became tired of spending  every time 20/30k for using the grenade launcher from contacts


If possible for making clear, Answer YES/NO at beginning and explain your thoughts.


Added a poll, thank your for your time.


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Hi there,

This topic has been moved to the Game Suggestions section of our forums.

Thank you.


- Azukii

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1 hour ago, Nagletz said:

Agreed, but... pls don't use it after purchase xD

It's not a problem of using it XD, I as a lot in game we (may) purchase it 2/3 times at least for month, with a expense of grossly... 80/100k per month v.v , money if I think now.. I would have had likely used for some music made by Trenix or keto cloths ' in social, before everytime disappear from the screen ahahahah


I see 5 people against the idea, but I would like to know the motivation.


Thanks again for your time, bye



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After 1 year abudant, I guess, we may consider the poll complete and we may throw the ball to LO, always if  actually they are in good mood....


Thanks all for your time and considerations, here we may close.



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