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Error Code 10004

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I have a ticket in for this since last  week. 

I played 2 matches and was changing characters when the game froze on me.

Now my account is permanently locked in District! Error Code 10004.

It says account being used in District. 

This has always been mine and only my account. Meanwhile, my Premium days are ticking. 

Just in case it is something nefarious,  I immediately changed my account password and I can log into GamersFirst and forums with no issues. But game still locked in oblivion. I am hoping this will resolve itself with next game maintenance. 

Otherwise, this is ridiculous wait for a ticket. 


I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. 

I should have also mentioned that I have rebooted PC and router several times as well. 

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It has come to my attention that this issue was resolved with the most recent maintenance. 

As a result I will be locking this thread and moving it to the Resolved Bug and Tech Issues section.



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