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Xbox needs updates new lighting new guns fix the n tec it shoots through the wall when your taking cover and when your driving the cars u hit the side walk when u did not hit anything and the car flips on its own remove the true ogre please its not fair to others using other guns that can't win against that gun a lot of players are still scamming others for the gun.



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I agree that lighting is bad but that'll be fixed in the future.


The N-Tec is fine as it is on console but changes are in the work but that'll come in the future till we are on the same build as PC. Also the whole thing of shooting through walls are most likely the enemy hitting your Hitbox which is a skill many like myself utilize.


Cars bugging out can't be helped since its activated so stop doing what you doing


I agree that the ogre is a problem due to the frame issues the game has and the frames the gun causes to lose to a client but at the same time, t ain't that big of an issue just stop playing like an idiot with due respect and learn tactics. The gun will be "fix" in the future on the console version.


Scamming is an issue that cant be solved easily and I know the pain of others when scammed but that is easily avoidable since there are trusted MM on APB. I can't name them but they are there and they have made a reputation so contact them and also call out in chat.

On 8/25/2019 at 3:05 PM, Devyyon said:

you need punctuation

Yes, he does lol also commas!

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A tip to avoid getting scammed:  Don't be stupid. 

Sorry if that comes off as harsh, but why are you trusting some random APB player?


As for the N-Tec shooting through walls, like Skerza said, they're probably hitting your hitbox sticking out from around the corner.  Your hitbox in APB is not accurate to your character's body.  Your hitbox is basically a big cylinder around your character.


Pretty much like this:


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