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Changing District-Progression Discussion

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Disclaimer: If this topic belongs in "Game & Forum suggestions" please move it there. Every time I try to go that section I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. Sorry about the name btw I promise im legit :^)


Whats the issue buddy?
     With the games dwindling player base it makes it VERY annoying to progress, as well as acting as a barrier or a deterrent to simply playing the game. I do have a max rank, but like others who do, it kind of takes away from the experience of the game after awhile. The feeling of actually earning something other than just cash. The feeling of getting that new rank icon. The feeling of hitting 195 for the first time and finally being able to use all these cool modifications. I (and anyone that's a new player/leveling alts) get on to gain XP. Only ONE map is populated at a time. Every week, can be longer/shorter, people are only playing one map over the other. When the game was actually populated the separate contacts made sense from lore/game stand point. You could choose to be in either map since both maps were always populated. If both maps cant be populated its literally gating content. It feels like it doesn't make sense anymore. It feels more like a reason to just not play that night. Try again tomorrow. For a new player that just might be quitting time since you don't know if it will ever switch. I've seen it last a long time.


Okay, got an idea to fix it?

     A few, actually!

  • Give a map 10% increased Cash and XP gain per X hours and then swaps to next map. To deal with premium stacking too hard and also the fact that it also gives an insane boost, just reduce premiums buff in WF and Fin by 10%. Giving ANY level player incentive to populate the boosted server, also giving a nice bonus to F2P players. <(That doesn't happen often) This is by far my favorite option since it will even bring incentive to just playing the game itself. Returning players that the bonus appeals to. Helps the games image, since over the years its been heavily "P2W" criticized. (just learn ntec btw)  Regardless of even earning XP on a map, you are now given incentive to play even when your not gaining XP, since you can get that sweet cash still.
    • Suggestion for timings per district bonus swap: 
      • 4 hours (Short and sweet, but requires a lot more map swapping)
      • 24 hours (Nice for players who play daily, only restricts players who can only play limited days per week.
      • 36 hours (A good balance going through morning and night, switching in the middle of the day.)
      • 48 hours (Least amount of swapping. Setup as: WF Sunday and Monday so each map can get a weekend day. FIN Monday and Tuesday, WF Wed-Thurs, FIN Friday and Saturday. After Saturday swap the order. WF days become FIN days, vice versa. Yes this will create a block where there are 4 days of the same map. This is actually a good thing! It will swap each week which map gets the 4 day block, increasing the odds that a player that has very limited time, will get an equal balance of level in each map regardless if you play 500 hours or 50 hours. Thats level balance.
  • Have Abington/Baylan give you smaller amounts of XP off of score. Obviously the XP will lower than regular missions since asylum is just a kill-fest 99.9% of the time. The .01% is the people who put the briefcase in some glitch/hard spot to reach. Doesn't effect joker boards since its just XP. Nothing to do with objectives/money so it doesn't throw that out of whack. Plus if you buff cash gain in those modes, it would split the community between tryhard-gods and for fun players.
  • Be able to pledge to any contact, regardless of location. Easiest solution.


What are you trying to do here, big guy

     I'm trying to start a discussion! I want to see what other players think of this or if this is completely idiotic. I don't even know if anyone else cares! But as someone playing since way too long ago, the games population kind of ruins key aspects of the game. To add on above, the unlocks tied to contacts, if you need one of the levels to finally get nitro 3. To finally get the gun with better mods. To experience that new weapon! I know that people usually switch semi-often but it eliminates the "I wonder if I open up APB I can even get anywhere in it." For the people who have the goals of reaching that final rank, the F2P players. the rage-quitters who need incentive to come back This is for you. But really its for me i'm crazy Would be great to see feedback from staff/community managers! Maybe even Matt, our humble lord, will take notice... 



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I have indeed moved this topic to the Game Suggestions section of our forums.


It's definitely something to go over when discussing changes to progression, but I'll leave that to those responsible for that.



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Your name says everything, i will not comment or either help into this, bb.

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