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A Question From an OLD Backer

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So, I'm sorry if this is supposed to be somewhere else, or if it's been answered before, but I backed Unsung Story on Playdeck's paypal push in August of 2014. I sprung for the basic package, the soundtrack, and the special character package. I know that money is probably just gone at this point, but would there be any way to gain those benefits if I were to buy into this iteration? Not even sure if that's a thing. I just remember waiting like 3 years to see what would happen with US, and seeing there was trouble but they were still hopeful, so I dropped off the news wagon surrounding it for a while and now I see that it's been picked up by another publisher (good!) But I lament that I missed the kickstarter that you guys did, and the fact that I may never see the things I payed for. What can be done? To be clear, I'm not asking for a refund or anything. I know that has nothing to do with you guys. I'd just like... credit? Or a way to make sure I gain the benefits even though I missed the train.


Thanks for your time.

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Hi there,


I recommend opening a support ticket at http://support.gamersfirst.com.

If you can supply the email that you registered your PayPal purchase with, then we can look it up in BackerKit (which was transitioned to us when we took over), and they can get you all setup.



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