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  1. So, I'm sorry if this is supposed to be somewhere else, or if it's been answered before, but I backed Unsung Story on Playdeck's paypal push in August of 2014. I sprung for the basic package, the soundtrack, and the special character package. I know that money is probably just gone at this point, but would there be any way to gain those benefits if I were to buy into this iteration? Not even sure if that's a thing. I just remember waiting like 3 years to see what would happen with US, and seeing there was trouble but they were still hopeful, so I dropped off the news wagon surrounding it for a while and now I see that it's been picked up by another publisher (good!) But I lament that I missed the kickstarter that you guys did, and the fact that I may never see the things I payed for. What can be done? To be clear, I'm not asking for a refund or anything. I know that has nothing to do with you guys. I'd just like... credit? Or a way to make sure I gain the benefits even though I missed the train. Thanks for your time.
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