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Decent patch(work)

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I must give you credit. At least you fixed (some) of RIOT problems in this patch.

And you listened to me! How nice. (Gamemode is already less cancer)

I don't say everything solved though.

Progression bug is still problem but at least I can play this gamemode in other hours than 6 pm to 9 pm. (Let's not talk about Jericho even.)

Spawns as broken as they were.

And I dunno if radar really was that good idea. While it can help with "just hiding it out to win lul" after bribing the shit out of driver, it also kills people respawning in gas in finale (Hospital area where everyone spawn on litteraly one street at edge of map is perfect example of this).

And street is quite busy (talking about sounds of course) for dead city.

Pretty sure this gamemode gonna be dead in next weeks even after increasing it for each 5 levels of contact rank. And no, it just generate fake traffic in my opinion, hardly solution to anything.

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