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  1. Don't have a single musical bone in your body? Don't worry, neither do I. That's why I made this little program to help those of us who are musically illiterate so that we too can have themes that don't sound like complete garbage. Alright, I'll stop pretending to be a salesman now. Basically, I got sick of hearing people with terrible themes that seem like the player just smacked their face into their keyboard a bunch of times to make them. So, while I was bored waiting to get on the train today, I decided I'd make a little tool that makes the theme-making process easier for us tone-deaf people. I hope you find this useful. EDIT: Infinito was kind enough to host a copy of this program on a website for us. You can find it here: https://keys.fdrop.in/ Here's how it works: First, you go to https://virtualpiano.net/ and click on "Music Sheets". Then, you find a song that you like using the little search bar at the top right and copy the "random" letters that make up the music. From here, It's probably a good idea to go back to VirtualPiano, and clicking "Recorder" and pasting the letters into there, and clicking play to see how it sounds. It'll basically sound the exact same in APB. You can delete sections of the song in order to select the part of the song you want to make your theme out of. Then, open up notepad, and copy and paste the following code into a new notepad document: Then, save the notepad document as an HTML file somewhere that you can find it. I recommend your desktop. Then, click on your newly created HTML document, and it should open in your browser of choice. There are two text inputs here: One that says "Notes", and one that says "Tempo" In notes, you want to paste the letters from the song you found earlier, and in tempo, you want to type the tempo of the theme you'd like to create. Usually, this number should be between 120 and 180 or so. It's basically how fast you want the notes to be played. Then, you click "Create Theme" This will then generate the song in a format that should be very similar to how APB's theme editor looks. Then, enter APB's Theme editor, and select "Acoustic Piano" (depending on the song used, this can be switched for a different type of instrument, but the acoustic piano is the best for this program) Manually copy what was generated by the program into APB, and you're done. Questions/Answers: Q: Will this get me banned? A: It shouldn't. It's just a website, it does not have any way of interacting with APB. However, the staff has the final say in this matter. Q: Why did you use HTML for this? A: I did not have a good way of distributing a file in any other language without people thinking it was some sort of virus, or having people download other programs to create the tool. There is literally no way a website can do anything to your computer unless you let it. This website you created with this guide does not even need any permissions to run, so I don't really think it's possible to be dangerous. Q: Can I improve this? Why did you do it like this? A: I'm not a professional coder, so by all means, if you know better, feel free to do edits. (You can post them here if you like) Q: Is there a way to add percussion instruments? A: Unfortunately, I don't know any good websites that do something similar to this website. As a result, at this point, the drums and other instruments will have to be added by hand. Sorry about that. Q: Can I post this somewhere else? A: I would prefer if you didn't, but I can't really stop you. Known issues: The output of the program has fewer keys then the in-game editor. This is because virtualpiano.net does not support as many notes as APB does. unfortunately, there's no way to remedy this, but this can be considered an advantage as well, as now you can set the song in whatever frequency you find more pleasing (higher or lower pitch) Here's a picture of the program after it's run in a fairly simple song: Changelog: August 27th, 2018: Initial release. August 28th, 2018: Updated code to account for songs with more than 2 simultaneous keypresses. updated appearance for a more sleek look, Added cursor for easier placekeeping. Updated apearance to make the page less bland.... No operational changes. September 20th, 2018: Fixed a potential issue when a song is too short for a specified tempo. Added the ability to add/change notes, enabled the program to display larger amounts of notes if the tempo is high. Technically, this can now be used for songs as well. This will be updated in the future to streamline this process. Added Infinito’s website link to post. Here it is again: https://keys.fdrop.in/
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