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Found 1 result

  1. i just tried the new weapon changes and I'm really not a big fan of it as the main reason for these changes was to balance the so called '' overpowered '' weapons. Lets start with the Hvr, people have always complained about how the hvr is overpowered and needs a nerf because of its raw damage power u can get 1 shotted by the slighest damage u can take accidentally, what Little Orbit did was just removing the ability NOT to quickswitch but to noscope or jumpshot using the Hvr it is pretty boring for an fps game to have guaranteed useless jumpshotting keep in mind that normal quick switching still works and the raw massive damage of the hvr still exist and can still be overpowered from both long and close ranges, it is not a nerf to quickswitching or raw damage power but a removal of noscoping and jumpshotting gameplay styles with that specific weapon keep in mind that you can still go for the easier option of using a scout hvr for faster quickswitching more guaranteed jumpshotting than the so called over powered sniper and you still get to be fully mobile with no movement restrictions. honestly what should have been done to nerf the hvr 762 was to nerf its damage power to 80, 75, 70 as its still not that mobile and not removing a complete gameplay style ( jumpshotting ) which is pretty hard to actually hit in most situations and calling that a nerf. Alot of people say that ntec is overpowered aswell for some reason, ntec is still the same as it used to be unless you want to use IR which was essential to give it that little extra range with increasing the recoil slightly and still kept it pretty well performing for a good player to outplay an enemy who plays OCA or shotguns in close ranged spots with the current fire rate nerf to the IR3 i dont think that would be easy anymore not that it was that easy to begin with especially if the enemy mains close combat weapons. OSCAR now is pretty useless as it was always bad ranges without the IR3 and IR3 was essential for it to be part of the meta, the dramatically reduced fire rate made this weapon nearly unplayable. As for CSG and JG they used to be really overpowered and able to 2 shot if you aim perfectly and get all them pellets into the body of your enemy , with the current buffs all i can say is that shotguns will be over used by everyone as they been buffed dramatically letting a silver player who has somewhat inconsistent aim to be able to 2 shot enemies more frequently. As for the untouched weapons that should have really gotten a nerf first one of them is the Rfp secondary which has somewhat decent fire rate and nearly 0 accuracy loss in close combat and could still pretty well out ttk an ntec user before the ir3 nerf imagine how unbalanced that would be now ( keep in mind that most players who use rfp have got a shotgun or smg as a primary weapon with the current buffs to shotguns and the untouched somewhat insanely accurate SMGS it would be nearly impossible for an ntec player to win against this setup in most situations unless the enemy is really bad ). There is also alot of the already neglected really overpowered weapons like yukon, pmg, oca, true ogre, dog ear. what this patch made me feel is that all the risky and fun outplays should not take part in this game anymore. I got really disappointed by this sudden patch as Little Orbit promised not to do any changes to the current gameplay and my opinion is that Gamersfirst last weapon balancing patch was not supposed to be changed now at least until the main gameplay issues get fixed like fps drops, game stuttering, engine update and improving the servers performance as these should have taken as first priorities to bring players back into the game and I'm sure that the majority of players did not mind the now previous meta and still pretty much enjoyed the game even though it needed and still needs alot of performance improvement.
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