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Found 1 result

  1. Try to keep this short. I'm about to hit 100000 kills (98% of those were from HAN believe it or not) and i want my 100kth Kill to be special What I'd like is for my last kill to be a staff Member or players on my "shortlist" . 1 question Is it even possible to kill a GM (has to be a criminal or it wont count) or is that breaking some kind of rule since they can't "play" would going bounty and giving me the chance to take them out be allowed? in which case I have a list of possible people i'd like to by 100kth (i'm a sentimental person).. After I hit it I'm giving away a legendary (you choose from my list) could be a cap 40 or a hazardous up to you (more choices then that of course) and I'll also be running a quiz "APB trivia and some random questions about me" This was supposed to be ONLY for people from HAN but I'm trying to be more open. Zole Dole's Shortlist of people I'd like to be my final kill. -SlimTheShady -Rapid99 -ShepardHS -Revoluzzer -GatchaDX -Kewlin -VoidRatio -MistMane -Androvald @Lixil @Androvald @VoidRatio Possible legendary reward choices. DOW 'Thumper' Colby Commander Firework Launcher Colby M-1922 'Hazardous' N-HVR 243-SD 'Reaper' Obeya CAP40 'Sergeant' P.S the quiz reward will be 100k$ or a lvl 3 mod of any kind. or 50k and 2 "symbol lottery's" where you can randomly get 1 of my symbols. .... Soon ™
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