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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody, It's not exactly a game suggestion, cause we have already discussed about give a damage multiplier for head /headshot for ages, also pre-LO, but maybe having this ability it may help to improve the balancing and give sense to some modsweapon and weapon for being bought/utilized in more competitive match ups. Right now we have a absoluty unseful/untilized mod: High-Magnification scope Info: https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Weapon_HighMagnificationScope Quick Description: -Very High zoom level -Substantially decreases accuracy while running -Changes Marksmanship Crosshair. -Removes Non-Marksmanship Crosshair. The clue is adding the disponiblity, when equipped a High-Magnification scope on just only some sniper weapons, after a target is after the 40/50 m the ability to headshot people if hitted in head. Sniper's weapon may benefit from this change: - Agrotech DMR-AV PR1 - Agrotech DMR-SD R&D III - Agrotech DMR-AV PR2 - SBSR "IRS Personal's Note: Actually these weapons are totally trash or actually not comparable with the compatitive ones, reason for why actually they arent a lot of used maybe with this change then can be find to be more "appetitive" and used than now. Sniper's weapon in doubt if they shall benefit from this change: - N-HVR 243 "Reaper _ Right now it's just a nerfed Sitting Duck/Scout Nol, with less range, no chance to use purple/red mod, but with a HANDSOME TAG ... YEP maybe Finally headshot ability will arise the REAPER FROM THE GRAVE... but It's true that Using Hight Magnification Scope remove completely the use for close ranges, but the mobility, 2 shot per kill variable... yep not so sure -"Anuubis" _ Another one here, it's more and less a DMR with less recoil and a poopie not yet fixed crosshair... your thoghts? -S-247 "Oblivion- A very awknaward sniper weapon that get increase of accuracy while moving/shotting.... good ttk, accuracy increaseing... I put this one as the last one because I consider it between the "doubt ones" and absoluty "no ones", sincerly no idea... Sniper's weapon shall absoluty no benefit from this change: -N-ISSR B "Dog Ear... it's already meta gun, It doesnt need this features. -N-HVR 762 Dvah.... it perform one of the Highest damage of the game at "any range" and we have discussed enough about it. Another note: For adding more balance to it, equipping High-Magnification scope will also increase the switching time from primary/secondary such as HVR. Throw like that, maybe it may be a solution for balancing the snipers weapons or other weapon of the game just adding a damage multiplier, give your thoughts guys. Bye Added Poll
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