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Found 3 results

  1. MrLek


    My APB Reloaded enters normally, I log in to the game, select the district and when I enter the district the game closes and the message "APB Error report" appears. When I open the launcher the error "Client manifest signature is invalid" and after giving this error in the launcher opens the "APB Error Report". I have already uninstalled APB and installed it again, repaired the launcher and the error continues.
  2. After 8 years of repetitive strain injury on APB's behalf. I would like to suggest a "Queue/Autojoin" function when selecting a district. There is nothing more annoying than sitting for an uncertain amount of time spam clicking to join a district. (unless you macro it ) It should of been there from the getgo but it wasnt , You should get prompted to join Queue for this district, then it shows you how many are waiting and your position. That way I can alt + tab and do other things whilst waiting, like any normal game .
  3. I'm not sure about the others but after logging in, i tried many time to join the social district.. but it takes forever plus, i have seen people in there so i'm not sure if it's my problem or a main one.
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