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  1. this game has a lot to learn from fortnite, fortnite actually has a player base, making money, and is fun. APB needs to be a cartoony URBAN battle royal but a little bit nastier than fortnite, more appealing to the adult players, and without building that way it can really take a part of fortnites player base, a lot of fortnite player (like myself) would rather invest our times in a more mature BR. and the thing is, apb is almost ready, it has fightclub to practice the mechanics, it has missions which can be used as the WIN element for the battle royale. imagine a game where you play apb but you are competing with 3 other squads to "steal a car" type mission, then you fight the other squads who survived the RAID mission, when a team loses its out, its basically an APB battle royal tournament ,apb can be a great battle royal, we could still have missions just like it is now but in a battle royal tournament
  2. lets be honest someone needs to do the heavy lifting on this project - step in and re write a lot of the code thats not gonna be easy but it needs to be done and it needs to be done right. if i was little orbit i would delete the whole mission system, take financial district, put 8 squads in it, in different locations with Random loot around the map including cars, have a storm close on you and go fight. get rid of the factions, make this a battle royal based game, leave social district exactly as is. how hard is that? the current missions activities can still be used, raid to get gear, stealing cars gets you cool cars, and the VIP is the one with the most kills in the server. that toxic smoke they chose looks like shit its literally unplayable you cant see anything. its laggy and performance heavy, why not use a normal storm? just a circle the shrinks its so easy and simple
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