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  1. I meant freedom of action. Yes, and for the murder of allies, the fines give.
  2. It's a free (freedom) game, what did he expect?
  3. Ты путаешь наверно перенос с Инновы на Некрову. С Некровы перенос на Цитадель пока заморозили, много недовольных по поводу донат шмоток.
  4. Еще решение не принято, куда ты торопишься?
  5. Yes and yes. P.s. Читай предыдущие посты Мэтью)
  6. Do not hurry, the necessary data about the transaction from the server Pioneer from Innova.
  7. You read the posts? Or not? If not, then further conversation with you makes no sense.
  8. 1 time for each character, so to speak a box to lure into the fascinating world of donat
  9. Where did you get this information about box? Even the font is not the same, the prices are clearly very understated, and in our ARMS everything was in Cyrillic. Merged. About the contents of the box with the "Reaper", an unfortunate example. How many did not admire your BOXes, the contents in them were always better.
  10. Matt Skott, please contact Innova via e-mail innova@inn.eu at the moment they were working on the list of transaction and perhaps is ready to answer you. Take your time with the transfer, an extra week will not play a role.
  11. I. e. all and clothes and body kits for cars bought on Innova and transferred to G1 Nekrova "will evaporate"? Do I understand you correctly?
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