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  1. People really as important to your nick? Is it so hard to come up with an addition to your old nick, such that others can say "Yes, I know this dude!"? Don't worry about it. Better wait for the decision LO about ARMAS, belongings, cars, etc.
  2. Agree with you. But everything depends on time. It's one thing to spend a thousand dollars for 8 years of play and quite another when you have to spend them immediately. It's different.
  3. Enough criticism and useless whining, let's just wait for LO's decision.
  4. I think it will take a very long time and there will still be many dissatisfied. On the other hand, if LO puts such a condition and gives a period, of say, three weeks to submit data, it will be quite good. Why not.
  5. I meant freedom of action. Yes, and for the murder of allies, the fines give.
  6. It's a free (freedom) game, what did he expect?
  7. Ты путаешь наверно перенос с Инновы на Некрову. С Некровы перенос на Цитадель пока заморозили, много недовольных по поводу донат шмоток.
  8. Еще решение не принято, куда ты торопишься?
  9. Yes and yes. P.s. Читай предыдущие посты Мэтью)
  10. Do not hurry, the necessary data about the transaction from the server Pioneer from Innova.
  11. You read the posts? Or not? If not, then further conversation with you makes no sense.
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