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  1. Disclaimer: I main N-TEC. Hate every other gun in the game besides the scout / dog ear. I planned on coming back to this game after the engine upgrade, but the N-TEC change is just ridiculous. The N-TEC is the only all-around viable weapon without spending thousands of hours grinding for a legendary or buying something off of ARMAS. It's an iconic weapon and a good choice for new players trying to get into the game. There's absolutely no point in ruining it for nothing. You've already tried "nerfing" it by lowering the Improved Rifling rate of fire, that backfired. 1. I can understand the need to lower accuracy while jumping. No problem with that. 2. Reducing effective range by 5m? What is this, a STAR? It's already hard to get medium to long-range kills with IR3 on an N-TEC. This change is unnecessary. 3. We've had N-TEC magazine size reduced to 25 before and that wasn't as big of a deal. Just lower it to 30. 4. Reducing fire rate and increasing bloom recovery time just brings us back to the last experiment you guys played with the N-TEC. Which ended up actually LOWERING the skill required to use the n-tec. New glory, anyone??? TL;DR: Fix the atrocious shit that G1 has added instead of modifying the core of the game to fit the rest.
  2. While we wait I guess this is a good place to ask if there are any non-clan-specific, public apb-related discords out there worth hanging in?
  3. Hey pair of socks how dare you follow me *runs to wilderness*
  4. I've personally dealt with atrocious spaghetti in the past but it's still hard to imagine this would be such a daunting task. As far as better handling of automatic district selection, what about the event of a district being full? A human would like to wait to get into it rather than joining a new empty district which wouldn't be trivial to handle. Anyway, what's this district phasing you speak of?
  5. I reckon the change itself shouldn't take longer than 2 hours (besides tests) provided UI assets are available This is something a junior dev could easily knock out in a single day The only issue I could see arising is the kind of data the clients receive for the district list (aka do clients only get the district's title, threat & player count or does it get some more metadata such as game type and map) but even that is a non-issue imo
  6. With the current district policies, selecting the main 'graphical' district buttons as a silver player will put you in a silver district. This works fine, until new relatively new players who aren't aware of the 'advanced' tab unknowingly join an empty district, sit in it for an hour and stop playing the game because they think it's dead. This has become much more of an issue with the dwindling numbers we've been seeing recently. I know this because I have personally talked to these people and taught them how to use the advanced district select tab. Sure, both tabs have their place with the basic selection screen giving you information on the gamemodes and the advanced tab giving you info on threat/player count, but a simple UI tweak could easily combine these two. While I understand this isn't the only thing holding back newcomers (high barrier of entry, learning curve), it surely does play a role. Have a look at my suggested implementation: (imgur album)
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