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  1. Good day. Information about buying on Nekrova, we have already learned. But what about Innova shopping? Of course, everyone is happy that things purchased on Nekrova will be transferred, but can you give people even more mood by saying that things from Innova will also be transferred?
  2. I want to note that there are weapons on the citadel, which only 1 person has 1 weapon each ... In honor of the victory in the tournament! On the Russian server, I also won 1 tournament and I was given awards in honor of 1 of these weapons. two other weapons hit the joker box on Innova and are present to many players! So why do you take away these weapons from us if you also have them on the server?
  3. You caught my thought! Yes, there will be a transfer of characters, But they will transfer a pittance of money, which many players simply will not have enough to buy weapons at auction. The transfer will take place and people will leave = (I think no one will like such news when they were expecting a transfer, and during transfer they will run naked with a standard weapon ...
  4. Realy, why can not you just transfer all the current information by adding a weapon filter which is not in the assortment of Citadel? Sogodsen, that many players got weapons from joker boxes for free thanks to connections with the administration, but not everyone had such connections! But to deprive the players of all their purchases is a bit too much ... It looks difficult, but it’s not difficult how to update Anrial to version 3.5! Add a weapon filter, a currency filter, and a game nickname filter ...
  5. I agree with this user, many players have bought their clothes on the Russian Innova server and after transfer all these people will literally lose everything. Why do we need our small amounts of game currency when we lose real money and many lose a very large amount of money! For example, I will completely lose all my clothes, cars and weapons since it was all purchased on Nekrova and I also do not want to play without all my money and without the purchased assortment!
  6. Hello! My game nickname is on the server Nekrova: monstr324. After I found out about the transfer, I wondered if my appearance and my suit would be transferred? The answer saddened and pleased me! Grieved by the fact that my costume which I did for a long time will not be transferred but pleased that the appearance of the character will be transferred =). But there is still an open question. Will my things (weapons, cars, clothes and everything else) be transferred if almost everything was bought at Innova?
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