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  1. Why not make compensation for players who have more than 1000 hours? For example, to give for each of the following 1000 let's say not 5000 credits, but for example 3000? And then some kind of disonas turns out.
  2. Hello again. You can find more reasonable solutions, but for some reason no one asked the players anything again.
  3. нет ты же сам их потратил
  4. A good idea to leave a priority in the nickname of the player who was more active in all the time. But it may happen that the person created the character, ran and abandoned the game.
  5. Они просто думают, что мы будем опять донатить и заново покупать весь шмот.
  6. It is clear that they have everything, because at the first transfer we would have naked characters
  7. Give me all the data I will transfer everything to you without harm to everyone. It is not difficult, do not say so.
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