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  1. Yeah its been a huge uptick in cheaters since they announced the merge and when the merge finally happens... well RIP game
  2. most of those are effective up to 30m or more and why have a semi auto weapon when you can fire it full auto. If you are having problems with range you can just fire in bursts like you would most assault rifles i have all of the weapons i mentioned in that post and i actually use them pretty regularly especially the VBR and SR15 and its much easier to aim with them wile using a macro because you dont need to click constantly and that can mess with your aim a bit might depend on what mouse you have aswell. But its way easier holding down a button and tracking someone than it it to track someone and click at the same time
  3. I hope you are sacastic but if not. you know a max firerate FBW, 45AP, FROG , SR15 Carbine, Obeya CR.762 basically dont bloom at all and a full auto VBR is till great because you dont need to fire full auto all the time only in CQC
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