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  1. Zombie, that's a difference of opinion. Glaciers, I don't know who that is, so no. Fortune Runner, yes Asylum was suppose to be made into a full district. But at this point, the only thing they could do while working on a new map is create new environment changes for the old two maps Guess we will have to continue to wait and see how it unfolds in the next coming weeks/ or few months.
  2. Steam says 600 players online a few hours ago, but when i am online in NA, there's only one active silver district available, 22/29 players. I type in / pop and it says 167 players online. This game is dead as nails, geez. NO offense, but i think at this point nobody cares about any riot mode, i sure don't. Everyone wants the engine upgrade. You may be saying new graphics, better visuals, bloom lighting quality, some changes to the environment. That alone for me, would make the game more fun "for a while". So the question is, what is the future road map for this game? because new visuals won't save it. Can the company make 2 new map districts? add weather like rain and snow? bring back the old fun threat system?, finish up asylum and make it into a full district? Nobody is tired of playing in the same two maps for the past 9 years now? I really don't see where this game may be headed too. On another note, would be nice if LO can get the rights to the old crime craft version, would love to play this version again, or gang wars in general. CC was fun and IMO more fun than APB due to the rpg open world elements.
  3. so people who haven't log in within 60 days, but decided to log in today won't received free premium, wow. not a good way to lure people back into the game , who was worried about the services or didn't log in because of the servers or whatever other personal reasons. ok
  4. Matt said within the last 60 days? i have logged in with 3 different accounts and none of my characters have premium. Why didn't just give us a code to make it simple? I have friends who haven't played in 2 years, who logged in this morning and no premium. No offense, just make it simple and give us a code
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