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  1. And there goes the dream #2 Thanks for explaining
  2. Hi, Im not game developer myself so my thought might be stupid, but since UE5 is out now and its made so game production is faster and easier than ever, I was thinking would it be posible to just build APB on it? I mean if all assets from the current game are used as they are, meshes, animations etc, wouldn't rebuilding the game on the latest engine be easier than trying to upgrade the engine itself?
  3. You want an honest opinion about APB: Reloaded? Here's one - I'm glad that this amazing game was reborn after initially died and was kept alive for almost 10 years now so I and many other people that missed their shot with RealtimeWorlds had a chance to play it. I used to spend alot of time in it back in the day... now I only get back to it every few months for a few days (mostly holidays when Im home) and I'm just glad it's still here. Allot of good memories lie in this game for me and I pay my greatest respect to anyone who was involved in making that happen. As for cheaters, being stomped and such.. I used to be a top gold player.. and I gotta say these days are one of the most cheat-free days ever in APB, so even though I'm not in my best shape and most of the time I get the same experience like the one you're describing.. even if someone uses some harmless stuff like makro and shit.. well quite frankly I just don't give a fuck, cause I don't even notice it. I used to fight against aimbots and tryhard kids back in the day and now I just enjoy the show with no hard feelings and so should everybody, cause in the end its just a game initially ment to offer the best customization experience, which btw is still unbeaten. Peace..
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