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  1. Yes. I'm from hoplon. I hope they return it or at least in game currency, because it was a big deal on the Brazilian server.
  2. Well, I did a support 2 months ago but like you said you did not see any problem. I'll try to explain what happened. One day I logged into my account and my weapon was gone, as I had bought for account, every time I create a new char, it goes to the email. After playing for inventory, the weapon simply disappears. Sorry for my english, I dont speak very well. I don't know when they come back, but I hope soon because I want my oca nano back.
  3. And THE STAFF DONT ANSWER MY DOUBT. https://imgur.com/a/HoJrlXr I had problem with some game error and they simply ignored my support call.
  4. The same with me and nobody answered me in the support.
  5. HELLO, EVERYONE! AT FIRST, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Well, I'm here because I tried the support and it's been 10 days and nobody answered me, and maybe here, I can have a greater visibility of them. So, I'm an immigrant from HOPLON the Brazilian server. After the immigration, I received all my items right in the email. However, after a few updates, my oca nano "Connoisseur" disappeared and I realized that it is bugged. At the time of the Brazilian server, I had bought her for the account. So I realized that when I create a new character, it comes in the email with all the items for account, but when I get it, it doesn't appear in my inventory. I hope you can help me, thank you. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, I'M NOT FLUENT. As you can see in the pictures below: https://imgur.com/a/HoJrlXr
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