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  1. Descendent Studios has gone dark. What's the status of the game?
  2. I already have the EA version from Steam. I am looking to pre-order for the PS4 as the pre-order price on Gamersfirst is $29.99. The pre-order price from other retailers is up to $20 higher. Playstation Store $44.99 GameStop $49.99 Target $49.99
  3. I didn't see a Descent forum so I am posting here. I was reviewing the Descent pre-order pages on the Gamersfirst site and it is unclear as to which version I am pre-ordering. The Pre-Order page lists the platforms as PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. When I get to the Confirm purchase Descent PreOrder screen I see no options to identify which version I am pre-ordering. I did not confirm my pre-order and proceed past that page not knowing which version I was pre-ordering. How do I select the desired platform?
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