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  1. @Viscera. Actually, you don't have posts where I predicted FE fall.
  2. @Viscera "risk vs reward" leads to domino affect, if you can't understand this simple thing then I am sorry for you. This is a good example why FE should stay berried indefinite. Unless developer team want to deal with criticism, bugs, exploits, pvp vs pve drama, etc at their own expense, because you will never have enough support to maintain people who will fix all this.
  3. There is no need for pvp areas to hold pve mats and pvp areas in general, all you need is one map for faction vs faction pvp, similar to eso, then both pve players and pvp players could share same server.
  4. Lack of pvp? huh? You mean rest of empty map areas with basic material nodes, right? All you need is one map exclusive to pvp faction vs faction, ditch DT currency (so you could buy mats at the auction house from pve players), using same currency as everyone else)), have pvp exclusive rank system, have gear with pvp exclusive stats, which can be bought for gold ( "pvp ranked", so non pvp players won't be able to buy unless they rank-up in pvp), have exclusive pvp reward system which will not effect pve in any way, all materials which needed for pve should be obtainable in pve and not behind pvp
  5. This is why FE got empty, no reason to play FE. You have pvp flag, why do you need pvp areas is beyond my mind.
  6. If you disable PVP areas I will gladly play FE.
  7. I hope with a new fresh start you we will have two separate servers one for PVE and one for PVP so the economy will be much more stable and without controlled PVP areas. I don't play FE because of PVP controlled areas, I can handle hick-ups.
  8. Because PVP dictates over PVE too much and pushes away too many people, PVP dictate by holding resources. Without PVP zones resources would be spread evenly giving all players even chance on the market.
  9. Will Fallen Earth have PVE server without PVP zones? (PVP flagging is fine)
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