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  1. So "toxicity" or Toxicity nowdays has certain levels in LO's handbook. So people can harass other people but within reason and get away with it. Right, that's a very progressive policy on behalf of a company I must say. When people use "wooden tongue" to explain certain aspects and policies of an organization, it is the point when you realize that something wrong is going on. Honestly, as I said to my previous post, if repeat offenders gets immunity then, there is no hope. Toxicity was one of the main reasons many people left this game and will never come back. Also one of the main reasons was the fact that TRULY toxic people were never punished. So honestly, I am not sure what plans you have about upgrading the engine or the graphics or whatever, but as far as Community Management goes this boat will sink sooner than you think. At the end of the day it is your choice of course and your choice only, on how you'll run a game and manage a community. History on the other hand DO judge entities/individuals based on their choices. All we have to do is sit back and wait.
  2. Truth has always caused a "backlash" to its tellers. Some people can take it, some others simply can't. I will agree with Aroa. In addition, I want to remind you that according to LO, toxicity is not a punishable conduct. So GO figure. I honestly expect nothing different coming out of all this. Aside from the fact that toxicity has been legitimatized. Which is plain horrible and shows very poor initiative and inferior character from a company. Now for those who try to blow smoke in order to become a Yellow Hazmat, it is your right. However, you have no right to "attack" those who have a different POV (such as Aroa) than yours, and a rather more truthful and realistic one.
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