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  1. Ya, Problem persists. Sorry for my thought but I think this game doesn't go that far anymore.
  2. Yes, just testing to see the result . Until then I'll be anxious to test. (Sorry again double-post, I can not edit my previous message) Well, I forgot one thing, could I release a video of a gameplay? For us to see how it is the dirigibility, movements and rest?
  3. Sorry for double-post. Exemple: I play GTA V and Saints Row Iv with DX11 But now when I go to Space Engineers it already gives DX error, Many games that emigrate from DX always gives problem video cards, but I'm hoping that right and do not let the game heavier than it already is.
  4. I particulary hate this version. I find it very heavy (desnecessary), has many video cards that end up still bugging with this version. Well, whatever, if it really works, congratulations.
  5. t seems to me that the game got better with these graphics, but will this also change the issue of frame drops?
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