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  1. Video of the last event,for to those interested. I think we'll keep running these every Saturday at 8 pm PDT, so long as there's interest!
  2. Remind me what the event was like, it was certain NPCs right? I do hope LO has the gm tools to do this still.
  3. Greetings clones! On Saturday, October 6, at 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time, I will host an event for lower level players (around level 15). Here's what I have to give out as of today: 23 basic motorcycle keys Ten FW3k Recon Vests http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/FW3K_Recon_Vest 20 Army knives http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Army_Knife 2 lucky Earthwalker toes. http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Lucky_Earthwalker_Toe 1 Green Copper Key and a box to go with it. Here's what will happen. We will all meet up outside Odenville fast travel. First come, first serve. I will give out the motorcycles to people until I run out of them. You need to be either level 15 in order to spawn your motorcycle, or have 25 coordination. You may at this point leave, no questions asked. However, if you spawn your motorcycle and join me and whoever else wants on a little drive, I shall continue sprinkling you with goodies. I have some AP injectors - useful stuff for when you're starved for it as a lower level - I don't know exactly how many, and I will give them out to whoever sticks around for first leg of the trip. Then, after that, we are going to go kill a boss or two - not telling which ones yet- and other things would be passed around, such as the armor and knives. Then... We are going to go on adventure to a higher level sector. While I will totally resurrect anyone that succumbed to death in battle, be warned, if you don't accept revive or choose "yes" to respawning, you will respawn back in sector 1 and probably wouldn't have time to go back. Those lucky enough not to die or lag out will have a chance at the green copper key and lucky earth walker toe. While the key is mostly for fun, the chances of getting anything good out of box are small, toes are quite useful helping you scavenge nature and geology nodes. I will update this as I gather more supplies and things. Please do be advised that while I will give motorcycles out right away, for other stuff you'll need to participate and stick around. Also, if you could download this application, https://discordapp.com/, and join the channel that will be posted closer to event, I will give you a Muscular_Regulator, I should have around 20 crafted by then. Feel free to ask questions, Yours truly, your friendly local Event Manager.
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