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  1. So since the start of December I have wanted to get page 14 of the symbols which has a load of Christmas symbols on there. However it states that I have to unlock them, I checked the armas marketplace but could not find them, so I have waited until the Christmas event came before checking the armas marketplace again however still no luck. Does anyone know how to unlock page 14 for the Christmas symbols?
  2. GinoSal

    Metropolitan Police

    Well, if you want to join then the link is in the post that OfficerHot made, but atm quite a few members (myself included) are inactive atm due to the development issues with apb, however, we are still recruiting
  3. Fix the traffic lights on Financial and stop the telephone boxes of death from killing you when your in a vehicle
  4. I think it would be really nice if the development team at Little Orbit could add a button on the Clothing Customisation, to allow people to replicate a decal/symbol on the other side of the clothing just like you can do in the Vehicle Customisation. As in the enforcer clan i'm in we have collar tags on our shoulders, it becomes a real big pain when trying to make both collar numbers identical to each other on either shoulder.
  5. GinoSal

    Metropolitan Police

    We know, we encounter them on a daily basis as well as the CTSFO clan
  6. I'm fine, thank you, the MPS has been quite inactive for the past couple of months
  7. Yamaguchi-Gumi is a Yakuza Family based in Japan, it is the largest family within the Yakuza and commit a plethora of crimes all over Asia and the USA including San Paro. The head of operations in San Paro is PingPongZedong. If anyone is interested in joining this clan then please join our discord and we can have a chat and possible recruitment into the clan. Discord: https://discord.gg/9TdwmHK PingPongZedong (Family Boss)
  8. GinoSal

    Roadmap Talk

    In the Roadmap for APB that Little Orbit released, it stated that 1 new weapon and 1 new vehicle will be added to the game. But out of curiosity what weapon and vehicle would you like to be added to the game. I honestly don't mind what weapon is introduced but for the vehicle, I would love to see a BMW X5 introduced to the game.
  9. GinoSal

    Vehicles at Night

    That's great to hear that someone agrees with me, only if a developer could agree as well.
  10. GinoSal

    Vehicles at Night

    On the topic of Lights, I feel that the enforcer vehicles should have two siren modes, one with the siren audio and the lights and one with just the lights.
  11. I don't, but I made this post to help my friend who has this problem and I do think he has a low-end PC
  12. My friend has played over 800 hours of APB and really loves to play the game however, for the past 2 months when he tries going on APB, he can't get into a Financial or Waterfront district. He can get into the Social District just fine, but when ever he tries to go into financial or waterfront districts he gets kicked and it pops up with the message "You have been kicked by Battleye" or something along those lines. Could someone please help to resolve this issue.
  13. GinoSal

    Vehicles at Night

    It would be really nice if the developers could make the headlights actually work at night, it gets really annoying when night comes and I'm driving through San Paro in the dark, not knowing what could be in front of me. Seeing working headlights for all vehicles in the game would, in my opinion, make the game much better especially at night.
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