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  1. 6 hours ago, Noob_Guardian said:


    Often found using ntec or jokercarbine/oscar.

    Spams GG or GG EZ when winning. Sometimes GG EZ when losing (no clear reason as to why) normally silence.

    Generally has some edgy name/clanname, mocking clanname, or wears the lame "hoodie style" ingame.

    Often found to be consistently 2-4v1ing at all times being in voice chat, can't 1v1 to save their life.

    Consistently kills people who just spawned while traveling to obj because killing the spawner (even if a newbie) and hurting the games outlook and population is more important than the objective.

    Generally cheeses item hold missions in extremely hard to break locations(financial park ledge) and switching to 1 ntec/obeya, 2 snipers and an osmaw or running with several explosives in a pio pushed by a vegas with blowtorch.

    Best answer.

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  2. They are the population and can determine themselves where they are foing to pla, but THEY like a smaller map for some reason. WHY'no one can tell me.

    Lie, they are progressed, They choose to play there and ONLY there, WHY?

    There is a answer, but u 2 pus to say it.


  3. I have for years played Arma 3 and APB back and forth. The main reason I play APB over Arma is I can just play.

    Arma is alot of work, hoarding  and corraling cats with all the different game modes and mods and servers.

    But, I think I am getting close to going back. And hoping APB 2 might come out under this othe company.


    1 minute ago, Solamente said:

    i don't even know where you're coming from at this point


    if you're complaining that gold players (r255 characters don't care about contacts btw, they just go wherever the population is) are filling silver waterfront, then demanding they leave is just going to end up with an silver waterfront district - why don't you ask the bronze district players why they always populate financial districts?



    just answered u, the dont. Plent of times You will see Waterfront started for ppl tp progress. albeit seldom. But NEVER is that way for GOLDS in WaterFront. Stop being a puss, waiting for someone to tell me the real ANSWER!


  4. 1 minute ago, Solamente said:

    waterfront is almost universally the least popular map, the only reason it gets filled every so often is because eventually enough of the remaining pop needs to progress contacts there


    once that group of people decides to move districts the rest of the pop will follow because there's just not enough players on na to have 2 full (and therefore optimal) silver districts


    iirc there was a silver financial yesterday

    Never heard a bigger dose of bullshoot than that. ALL GOLD 255's Play almost exclusively in WaterFront? WHY? They could start a game up and populate Financial, the dont, 

    Bronze Financial is populated every night. Alot ot those Bronze and Silver  nee to progress in waterfront.

    Occasionally you will see th waterfront district start up for brone so tehy lvl contacts.

    golD dont need it, SO WHY only WATERFRONT, just say it!

    7 minutes ago, Solamente said:

    waterfront is almost universally the least popular map, the only reason it gets filled every so often is because eventually enough of the remaining pop needs to progress contacts there


    once that group of people decides to move districts the rest of the pop will follow because there's just not enough players on na to have 2 full (and therefore optimal) silver districts


    iirc there was a silver financial yesterday

    You must NOt be in Jericho, they ONLY play WATERFRONT for years now. FACT

  5. I am not trying to start a fight or stir up any controversy. But, I would like to know what is in the mindset of you so called Premium GOLD players.

    WHY ONLY WaterFront 24/7? 

    I thought everyone was in agreement on new maps would be great. 

    But, u guys cant get off waterfront.

    Makes me believe as I always have, that you dont want anything better for the game just yourselves.

    You prove this day in and day out. WATERFRONT

    Thats all YOU DO< WHY? Becuz whatever slightest advantage u can get u abuse it.

    Your like a elite bunch of Counter Strike players. You have 8 plus years experience on ppl and yet, you can't even give up 1 ounce of bullshoot!

    APB is ONLY a fuckfest for ppl who, shit on new players and join SILVER accidentally. What do u get off from this.

    I dont get it. You really are just like a bunch of die / try hard Counter Strike ppl...

    Its soo booring.

    APB is just ruined, its too old.

    We need APB 2, to start over.

    You tools dont have a life! Some of you have been banned, And LO saved you.

    SHOULD have stayed banned...

    So.......WHY?..                     Many ppl have been trying to progress. But cannot, cuz you Lockdown Silver in WaterFront.

    EVERY GOLD, that does this should be ashamed of themselves. But, they will flame me and say Git Gud and ALL that smart patootie shit.

    BUT, U still ONLY Play in WATERFRONT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHY>? be honest...there has to be a reason a cheap reason i'm sure.


    I am probably one of the most hated ppl on the forums. ALL of my post basically stem around fairness and whats good for a new player and the game itself.

    You would think that is that is a good thing, but not here. It's just a crapfest of insults and so forth.

    WELCOME to APB is the answer.

    LO is really trying, but with this elitist community of GOLDS, I just dont see anything better happening.

    You are soo immature its ridiculos. A community like this should have some leaders that help out NEW players and not just ASSstomp them into Oblivion.'

    ANd no I am not even talking about dethreating and the such. You are just as guilty get off your high horse. YOU DONT HELP ppl who come into SILVER!



    Arrange some other matches, help a noob, sponsor a person, DO something!

    ALL of your actions are dertimental to the longevity to this game, YET YOU fuzzy bunny THE MOST ABOUT HOW THE GAME IS DYING!

    I love this game, and yet I am so ashamed to tell anyone that i Play it.

     I have plenty of ideas and so do others. but LO thinks they have to keep the eltists happy.

    There is no bigger waste of time than these forums sadly...




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  6. On 9/30/2019 at 9:53 PM, Noob_Guardian said:

    the act suffers the same hitreg issues as the star, so i doubt it. "aims 6 shots right on and misses" "bullets appear outside of reticule" wtf

    Exactly, that's why you almost NEVER see it used.

    On 10/1/2019 at 4:18 AM, Solamente said:

    nah obir qs is clearly way more of a problem than the 20 guns that no one uses except for memes

    Rarely see anyone man the Obir and they usually do poorly in most cases. 


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  7. On 9/26/2019 at 7:50 PM, Tenginima said:

    NTEC is fine, has always been fine, will always be fine. What people get wrong with it, especially in arguments about it, especially like Revoluzzer and Ghost is that the "git gud" argument is actually a much stronger argument that what people give it credit for. There's a reason why a captain decides where a ship goes and why it does so, much more experienced players such as myself know a lot more about game balance then the majority of others in this game.


    The prime reason for why the "git gud" argument is strong is because when you compare 2 weapons such as the Star and the NTEC and put them against each other, while it is true that people overhype how "difficult" it is to use the NTEC, it is, relatively speaking to the Star, "difficult to use", for the simple fact that the NTEC has recoil, the star does not, and I am talking about realistically recoil, not technical recoil. The Star can't be, in it's current state as effective as the NTEC, due to the fact that it is 1 of the easiest weapons in the game by design. You see, there is a balance in having guns that aren't created equally, if 1 gun is easier to use, then it should be less effective then its counterparts. The Star is less effective then the NTEC, and the NTEC is superior in most ways, because the NTEC has, albeit a not very big, skill curve comparatively. Some would argue that the NTEC, doesn't represent a big enough power curve due to how "easy" it is to use. The problem with this argument is that you can bring out hundreds of examples of similar situations in APB, how the Raptor 45 is just a 50M primary Nano, or how the AMG is just a straight upgrade to the shaw, with nothing to make it more difficult to use, and you'll be stuck in an endless loop of constantly rebalancing, for the sake of rebalancing. Secondly, it's loosely based on the assumption of what is hard and what isn't in APB. Like what decides what is a "hard" gun to use? Is it recoil? Spray pattern? etc etc. People don't agree on this front, people say that it's too powerful for its intended role, making it way too powerful for other guns in their classes, the problem with this argument is that this is where the "git gud" part comes in. If you lose, to an NTEC, CQC with OCA, JG, CSG, PMG and whatnot, you are to blame, if you lose to an NTEC when you have a rifle at 60M range? You are to blame, and what's the ultimate proof of this? When you consider some of the people that use the "git gud" argument, like myself, they are at the absolute top of the hierarchy of skill in this game. AKA the people that are able to play around practically every situation, this is why our "git gud" works, and your "anti git gut" doesn't. Gametime and years spent in APB isn't the biggest factor in knowledge of the weapons sandbox, compared to skill. Skill is the biggest factor when it comes to knowledge, specifically about the weapons sandbox.


    What does all this mean then. It means that even if you were to nerf the NTEC, you're treating the Symptoms of a disease, not the root of it. Fact of the matter is, nerf the NTEC, as Flaws said, will simply mean that rifles, and other guns will be pushed into meta, nerfing the NTEC does not equal to a more balanced and "large" meta, it will simply mean that guns such as the OBIR, OBEYA, FAR, NSSW will be used instead of the NTEC. The problem remains, the Symptom was treated instead.


    And what is this problem? It is the core problem with APB's whole design. At least mission district-wise, because you see, why is the NTEC so dominant in missions? It is because of the fact that missions in themselves, favour a very specific meta, due to low TTK weapons, and little cover, that is Car gameplaying and long range rifles. APB was never designed with a quick TTK, and while raising it would be more work then it would be worth, the fact of the matter is that NTEC's and Rifles and their equivalents are so powerful because of the sole reason, that the map and certain game mechanics was never designed for quick TTK's. This is why the NTEC is chosen above so many alternatives, because when you have this meta, Car gameplaying, Rifles, Consumables (shields), Spotter, High burn fuel, Weapon Stacking, and low TTK. You end up in a situation where you either pick a really good gun for a specific situation, and eyhier do super well, or fuck all with it, or you use THE gun of choice, to be able to handle all situations, moderately well, you'll still lose to rifles at long range, you'll still lose to SMG's close, but you'll at least be able to put up "a fight" rather then nothing. Also consider teamwork, since not everyone are willing or have the capability too play in a 4man or premade team, the NTEC ofc becomes a natural choice, beacause it reduces the amount of teamwork needed and coordination, it's a natural phenomenon, when you consider missions, and their dynamic nature, which, due to their dynamic nature, ironically enough, is what is causing such a stale meta. 


    Case and point to prove what I am saying. Look at Fightclub, specifically Abington, sure the NTEC is good there, but you'll see a lot more weapons being used, and loud out combos being used WHILE also being effective. There the NTEC is a true "jack of all trades", because of the map, all its features, powerpositions, counter powerpositions, having 1 room with around 10 different approach zones, a lot of cover at many areas, means that you can fully negate a lot of the NTEC's strengths, by using weapons that are better suited for the current room, zone and combat area. This is why I will always say this Fightclub was and always will be the NR1 PERSONAL SKILL mode for apb, as it is holy dependent on your personal skill, way more then your team. Missions on the contrary are Team based, hence why you can have a subpar team with great individual players, lose to less skilled individual players, but that are more coordinated and work better as a team.


    Secondly, Fightclub is the true playground and testing ground for APB's gun sandbox. In FC, almost, everything is viable, due to the nature of the maps, and the skill involved with each player. Ofc there will be exceptions to the rule, such is always the case, but the large majority of weapons do find some success in FC, due to the fact that FC is just simply a more balanced version of the "New APB" (New APB as in when G1 took over, made the game quicker by adding the sprint shooting, lowering ttk and whatnot).


    This is why FC, and the gun knowledge you get from FC is a lot more relevant to the "disease" of APB, because it shows that, the reason why certain guns are picked over others, are more or less because of the current structure of missions, which again, proves the fact that nerfing the NTEC is not the solution to the problem, when in FC, the NTEC isn't even a problem.


    And lastly when it comes to FC, which also ties into the "git gud" and why some people can use it as a strong argument and others can't. Take me as an example, for years now in a row, i've been the absolute top dog in FC, there is almost not a single time where I do not perform at least great compared to the majority of players in FC. I am literally MVP or at least at the top 3 almost every single game, no matter the circumstance, no matter the opposition, and no matter the match. There are OFC exceptions, i'm only human, even I can make mistakes, and sometimes I just want to goof around. But the proof is in the pudding, my consistency in FC is extremely rare, there are very few players that even come close to my consistency and even fewer that reach it and surpass it. Point i'm trying to make? Time spent in a game does not equal skill, that's why people like Ghost and Revoluzzer are sadly, out of their league when it comes to this game, veterans yes, at the high end of skill? No. Relics of the past as I like to say, their feedback is good, but with all due respect, neither of you 2 stand a chance against many of the players that are even bellow me skill-wise, in FC, missions, I can't comment on, but in FC you are out of your league. This is why while you are still allowed to have your opinion, you are factually wrong, your arguments are wrong, when people like me can even make the SWARM seem like an OP weapon, then the fact of the matter is that my opinion, and my words carry more weight. I'm saying this both to stroke my epeen, cause i'm that mood, I don't feel humble today, but I will also be honest. I'm coming after you 2 specifically, because you 2 are the 2 people that I see talk about the NTEC the most, and your arguments are invalid. 





    I think he might only use 1 gun, you'd think his life depended on it.

  8. 2 hours ago, Bambola said:

    I do not know what are you talking about, DMR-SD in general is my favorite sniper. Especially if you have 3 slots opened for the best combo of CJ3, HS3 and 3PS3. You can win any sniper duel if you are on about 90m distance where it takes only 2 shots to kill or stun, but even on shorter distances it's a really fun gun to use if your aim is decent. I have to add, Kevlar3 users hate it! Same as those pesky car runners. Besides, you get additional style points for using something rarely anyone does. I agree it's not a competitive weapon but I always tend to use guns I find fun to play with, even if they put me to slight disadvantage, rather than meta weapons. I am in love with SMR-SD, obviously. 

    Yea, slightly agree, I was trying to keep all that a secret!

  9. Or Worst gun I EVER shamefully spent money on.

    I have some Great stories and missions with this gun. But they are few and far between.

    Maybe its just my imagination, but it seems like the Joker ticket one is better. I will have to wait and see when I can get it to compare the 2.

    It's like it needs just a slight Buff in Hard DMG, not alot and not as much as the Full DMR. but just something. 

    There are a few advantages with this gun with the right MOD setup. But, it is highly situational. ALL the stars in the Galaxy must align perfectly.

    It just needs a slight bit of love. 

    There is probably not anyone else dumb enough to buy it.

    I have a bought alot of dumb shit out of boredom over the years. 

    Only purchase dumber than this one was Mountie NorthWest.


    What are your thoughts?



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  10. I am a HIGh SILVer. I can comptete in Silver server, Jesus Christ, realize how stupid this sound.....'

    I should be talking about GOLD server, but NONE of you. NONE of you will play where you are supposed to play.


    you suck. 

    stop PLAYING IN silver AND THEN  blaming everyone ELSE!!!

    yOU WILL still get your bronzies and Silvers to beat up on .


  11. 19 hours ago, Evagelyne said:

    I honestly don't see people in the higher MMR's randomly talking crap to weaker players, it's almost always provoked.


    If they're telling you that you're trash, did you hackusate them first? Context is super important in these situations. I just find it odd, cause you mention 'cheating' immediately after that line. Kind of getting the feeling you got defensive/frustrated and they told you to git gud in response.


    Veterans aren't intrinsically impressive. There's people who are OBT/CBT and are pretty average. They've been around forever, but have plateaued and completely stagnated. Most really high MMR players won't give a crap if some random R150 hackusates them. When it's really good players vs. really good players and they're losing, then you'll see some ego bruising and emotion from them though. 🙂

    Assuming  alot and no! 

  12. Speaking as a Max rank myself, I play both servers equally!

    The GOLD Community is SHIT! 

    Golds do not play in their district. They hide behind the OLD and tired Excuse of not enough players.


    I routinely have a hard time Joining the Silver District whn I am Gold.


    You Have enough ppl.

    You rely on Bronze that now any better, and u dont healp them.

    OK,maybe you dont rely, but you sure as hell don't help them either.


    DO NOT EVER SHIT ON Dethreaters becuZ you are basically the same thing.

    You say dethreaters are playing below their skill.

    That's WHAT YOU ALL DO!

    How is it different. You Inititated it!

    Jericho, is what I am talking about. Does ths happen in Citadel GOLD.?

    I dunno.

    You say not enough population, then if a Silver does well.

    You say, Stupid Silver, uninstall the game!


  13. The sooner the better! Its soooo booring! EVERYONE and their brother uses and abuses this thing. Might NOT be so bad if ALL U vaginas didnt cry soo hard for IR3.

    AND U did. You cried and cried. Soo much soo LO had to give u a pacifier.


    Maybe just make the Ntec be EXACTLY like the Star,

    That would do it','

    The Star is good, 

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  14. 11 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    I have a question:

    Why is it always silvers that complain? Bronze and green don't complain. And Gold never do either. Only silvers. What is up with that?

    How long have you been smart? NOOBS are noobs. THey dont get on the forums. Nor do 90% of the pop, its just the same OLD patootie BS Forum GOds puking over everthing!

  15. 41 minutes ago, Evagelyne said:

    I honestly don't see people in the higher MMR's randomly talking crap to weaker players, it's almost always provoked.


    If they're telling you that you're trash, did you hackusate them first? Context is super important in these situations. I just find it odd, cause you mention 'cheating' immediately after that line. Kind of getting the feeling you got defensive/frustrated and they told you to git gud in response.


    Veterans aren't intrinsically impressive. There's people who are OBT/CBT and are pretty average. They've been around forever, but have plateaued and completely stagnated. Most really high MMR players won't give a crap if some random R150 hackusates them. When it's really good players vs. really good players and they're losing, then you'll see some ego bruising and emotion from them though. 🙂

    You ASSume alot!

    32 minutes ago, foolish ninja said:

    butthurt lel git gud scrub

    Typical APB a hole right  there.

  16. We have NO LEADERS! in this game just Obliterators. I said it before, Make One night a week to for GOLDS to play in GOLD and take it from there.

    You can't even get the FUCK OFF WaterFRONT!

    And YOU WON"T. and that is the problem. 

    You got CAREER ppl previoulsy banned and 7 year players WELL NO SHIT! You are better! 


    Dont act all high and mighty about dethreaters plaing in Bronze when YOU are the reason That Silver players do it!

    You won't even organize 1 night a week for starters in GOLD! 

    I and many others would happily play in MY, yes MY SILVER server where I belong!

    I play equally in both aS IT STAND RIGHT NOW, So I know what I ma talking about.



  17. On 9/15/2019 at 10:25 AM, CookiePuss said:

    We have that already.

    Go ahead and stop using the advanced tab for district select... lemme know how it goes.

    YUP, its called Bronze cluessly joining Silver and getting stomped into UNINSTALL, becuz GOLDS cant play in GOLD....Suppoesedly for the joke of LOW POP.

    Or becuz they dont want to face eachother for reals and rather feed on the new cluelessness,


    On 9/15/2019 at 7:16 PM, Bambola said:

    Finally someone said it. We all went through the same drill, some are still going.


    However, it's interesting to observe how the community has almost always double standards, regarding... everything. The same people who care so much about new players will go mercilessly against them if they only meet them in silver districts. Actually, the whole problem started with the players who refused to play in their designated district, and when I say that I mean of gold threat players. 


    I remember I got to hear myself numerous times, in the past when I was active, something like "Gosh darn silver, go back to the bronze district" and then seeing their names on the Forum posting "Dethreaters are the worst kind they should be banned". It's a vicious circle, and the large portion of players who play for years and sank tons of money in this game, stuck in a limbo between silver and gold suffer most, even more than new players. 


    Anyway, better players will always (or in most cases, at least) stomp on weaker players, and that's an inevitable thing.

    Funny enough, the first time I met you, you were a 'yellow' in bronze. We even had a little quarrel about it on the old forum. I am not judging you, just saying you shouldn't generalize like that. One portion of those 's..bags' as you call them skill-wise really do not belong in the silver district. And before someone says "They should get better and improve" that's an utter nonsense, there's a personal skill ceiling one can't go above for numerous of reasons. 

    Nope! FINALLY YOU said it, SHIT ROLLS DOWN hill. A Product of the GOLDS who dont play in Gold and hide behind the Low Pop argument.

  18. On 9/13/2019 at 1:40 AM, Spy said:

    Nope, it's the high amount of closet cheaters and macro kids who are ruining it in the silver/gold servers and they're not being delt with by LO in any way. Lots of average legit golds get downranked by these idiots and they turn to bronze district to play vs players who do not use 3rd party crapware. I can't blame them.


    The first part in fixing this 'problem' is to start at the source of the problem: cheats/macros and then go from there. But then again, if LO decides to ban macro users and closets in silver/gold districts then the population would shrink dramatically and in a game with an extreme low population it could be the final nail in the coffin.


    I kinda agree on this one. Actually, there are 2 clans who are taking the p*ss at this. Both of those clans where cheating hard before Fairfight entered, they went total BS while it was active and now with the new and improved (/sarcasm) anticheat they started wallhacking only mode. One of them is even using an old method like one of the biggest cheat clans APB has ever known used to use: wallhack rotate; only 1 wallhacker per team and a differend one each round.


    Reporting them is useless because of the lack of skill GM's have to detect a cheater. Pointless....




    On 9/15/2019 at 10:43 AM, Kylegrey2 said:

    These posts drive me nuts. Apb has always been this way. All those golds that destroy you in a bronze district were once in your shoes. Everyone deals with it and believe it or not, you will get better by playing egainst these people. I know how frustrating it can be but you either need to quit, deal with it, or wait for LO to fix match making. Untill then, enough with the broken record posts. No matter how fair the matchup, theres always going to be a loser. That is the nature of pvp.

    Wrong and right! You ALL go on and on about LOW POP. When you and I started it wasn't a issue like now. SURE I got my patootie handed to me nightly. BUT your arguemt I also did my share of patootie kicking amongst my peers.

    NOW its differnet, Your  POP answer that you ALL cling to sooo hard also applie.

  19. 1 hour ago, PitterPatter said:

    This community is heavily convinced that mods arent needed to win and anyone can win with only a STAR. They basically want every noob to struggle until they hit 195 and are able to finally unlock most top tier mods.


    Sure us veterans can win with only a STAR but brand new players can't. Good luck convincing them otherwise. They still think a 255 bronze vs a brand new player at bronze is "balanced" because "rank means nothing". 

    Thanks, U are right! And then u wonder why every noob thinks they need a Osmaw to win!

  20. 13 minutes ago, illgot said:

    which is more probable, that vets are clueless or new players are clueless?


    Anyone can be wrong, but if a lot of vets are saying one thing, it maybe more true than if a lot of new players are saying the opposite.


    calling people trash is just stupid, harassment coming from anyone should be ignored.

    New Players are definitely Clueless, But are a handful of Vets that are just really bad for the game.

    Are they just too good? and TOO much experiene? I don't know.

    BUT then, how can a new player ever catch up? ANSWER..........They CANT

    They just feed.

    Vets are good, they dont need to be in clan. Theyhave been playing soo long they trainagulate a person.

    Its a shame, that a bronze is in Silver ever. NOTHING but bait and no one ever telles Bronzie how to change districts.

    OH, dont give me that u r the good guy and tell them.

    Its your fodder.

    Bottom line is no here is an adult!

    I can fuzzy bunny all day, you know its TRUE, and YOU will not change!

    Throw it on the pile.

    LO is doing some slight things. 


    Maybe one day UNIT gaming will release APB2 and u a holes will have to start all over again.

    But some of you ALREADY SHOULD have! BANNED and back in force.

    Too sum it up, what am I ranting about???

    Previously banned players who should have stayed that way!

    And , Shameless Crim Clan stomping on Bronze and Dethreating Nightly ITS a FAILURE!

    And that is the name of them this week.

    Just now, Kevkof said:

    I can sense some frustrations, reporting those individuals when appropriate would help bring them inline (or get them banned). 

    Just throwing names out there won't help the issue at all, It just leads to more toxicity. While the level of toxicity it causes relative to the toxicity of the people being accused is up for debate, it's still toxicity which shouldn't be promoted/allowed imo. 

    This is not protecting gate keepers, it's also there to protect the innocent. There are ways to report them and those have already been proven to work, I remember seeing a few threads from people complaining they got banned for X or Y. 

    Reporting is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and EVERYONE KNOWS it, I do this nightly on the individualls abusing Bronze. I almost feel like a FOOL for wasting my time!

    Please suppoert the community!

    5 minutes ago, crusade said:

    I'll be honest with you.


    Doesn't matter what you're loading up. CS:GO, LoL, DotA, or even Apex Legends nowadays, you're just going to get your patootie handed to you if you're new. People out there are skilled and learn quick. It's very frustrating for some people to be competent, but be held back by someone on your team that isn't pulling their weight (Elitism). It is in poor character, because they are getting upset that they couldn't beat an opposing team because of a circumstance that is not within their control (poor teammate performance).


    The best thing you can do is just not let it affect you, and not let them try to drag you down. Understand they are upset and why they are upset, but also realize it's not anyone's fault, so there's no reason for anyone to feel bad, argue, or whatever. If they want to get upset and call you trash, that's on them.


    I had been mulling over the idea of making strategy and tactics videos for APB to maybe help some people get better at the game, but I wasn't sure how well something like that would be received.

    WELL, Thank You, Your heart is in the right place. Im not a noob, just trying to look out for them.

  21. I used to think that , these guys were just really good. 

    But, as I grow myself, I REALIZE  it BS. 

    FACTS! thats all I am after.

    And the truth I believe always lies somewhere in the middle.

    THere are in fact some uber pros, but its a shame that these ppl keep ausing the game and not teach others.

    Why ELSE would they play on SILVER instead of GOLD? OH BS with POP shit JUST STOP, there are enuff of you to play on GOLD.

    ANd why else would you play ONLY on WATERFORNT, its becuz, You cannot even for a minute give the opposition a hint of playing straight up!

    Its soo lame that this community of top tier players ONLY play on WaterFront and NOT in their respective threat and EHN TURN the table and say its

    Silvers in Bronze. 

    YOU MADE IT THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will follow your instructions and QUIT the game for now. You WIN, You ALWAYS WIN, thats what u want.


    LO, is really trying, but I Don't see nay hope for this game, The expanse between 2011 player and the New player today cannot be overcome.

    Would be nice if we had leaders instead of obliterators, BUT that WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

    I only write this in defense of New Players to this game. But, it seems as if APB objective is to obliterate EVERY new or semi new person into uninstall, which they tell you on a regular basis.

    Once again, I would really like to name and shame, but we cannot have that. Let's just keep protecting the gate keepers and GO NOWHERE!


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