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  1. Whether are not you want to addess this or not, this is a fact.

    Due to the Timeline of the game and experience gap of players there issues that no Game update can address.

    There are soo many tryhard 8year plus vets that KNOW the names of nearly every mission stage.,

    They know where they should be before you complete your current objective.

    LO also stated the released 50 unused missions. UMMMM OK , I Don't see it. I could be wrong or if is.... Its so slight in difference its pointless.

    The missions themselves needs to be remixed and re evaluated and renamed.

    Please stop listenening to ONLY the top tier dudes, THEY DO NOT SPEND MONEY, THEY RUN OFF PLAYERS and are egostical messes.

    The Forums are just as bad, FLAME on as you always do. I said the truth and I will not FOLLOW up on it because TOXICITY is ALL the forums are about.

    Everytime I Post it,  It is with only with good intentions in HEART for the pursuit of the game, but is 110% met with Toxicity.

    So do what you will and G night!

  2. Umm yeah, I mean it HIGH RISK High Reward. I was never good at it but had respect for ppl that did. As it is right now the game is becoming BORING. EVERYTHING is Almost nothing but SMG's 24 7. I mean A WHOLE LOT. Its soo boring. i like to use non meta weird combos and I am getting wrecked now. I don't wannt to be a meta gun only player. But, I am just about to that point of putting on that OCA, whisper, and every try hards fave gun of the moment the Stilleto!


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  3. I recently saw a  player, And I am not sure of the name. Because GOD forbid we would not want to name and shame. Diarrea in the eye and  and  other player with a name just as foul or worse. But dont name or shame them. It like the whole politcal field sadly.

    You have NONE Pieces of garbage, But somehow its OK.

    LO you have it all wrong, focus on the game and do not even get involved in all taht nonsense. You Make it worse on your self. WE don't care. It is a game. 

    AND BTW these ppl that cry about dethreaters, are the worst offenders. They make new characters like the afore mentioned.

     It really is such BS.


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  4. I find it EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE that the Mask OF the President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has been removed.

    He IS YOUR President, IT IS A FACT!

    I am soo tired of this BS of kissing patootie to the apparently Social construct, which is ALSO FALSE!

    This Company is putting themselves in a liability situation, by taking sides.

    We are to here to play a game.




    This Game SHOULD NOT BE POLTICAL but YOU made it that way!

    Get  BACKBone AND  stop this insanity, You are wrong on ALL accounts.

    There is NO discussion  that needs to follow, YOU are wrong for doing this.

    And , it shows your weakness.

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  5. On 9/29/2020 at 10:05 AM, Nagletz said:


    Since i hope to hurry up the weapon balance, and see my beloved non-meta\underpowered\"just bad" guns adjusted, i wanna share my opinion on recent changes.

    First of all, some disclaimers:

    • First, i'm a legit silver (for now), i'm playing on bronze server, and only sometimes in silver ones, and never on gold ones (way too impossible to play there 😄 ).
    • Second, as follows from the previous note, all of these guns were tested on bronze servers, but as i observed, most of high-end silvers and low-end golds (iirc) play here, so don't think i was matched against noobs only (just IMO).
    • Third, i don't play meta guns (and changed guns also) much, and my conclusions about some of them may be wrong for you, but again, that's just IMO.
    • Fourth, i'm not gonna repeat the numbers like "bloom delay 0.1, ammo count 400" or so, mostly just opinion and suggestions.
    • Fifth, my English is bad 🙂

    Now i can get to the point:

    • N-TEC 7 "Ursus": Still playable enough, burst-shooting, tap-shooting is still a thing, spraying - never was good tbh, and become worse, but still helpful in stress situations, but requires more... luck. RNG was always a thing, but don't sure Ursus was needed like so.
    • OCA EW-626: Become new pmg, but haven't seen people killing someone with it at max range, and didn't managed to do so myself.
    • OCA EW-626 "Whisper": Still can't understand how default OCA and this one have different effective range, but yet again, no one plays on such ranges with them. Still good gun.
    • Colby PMG: Really needed nerf, thanks, but still usable, thanks, BUT accuracy should not be touched, i have feel that someone who was making changes just wanted to burn PMG alive if it ever existed, lol.
    • Obeya CAP 40: Changes is so small that i can't even recognize them, don't even know what to say... It was a good gun, but now it's a bit better.
    • FAR: Unnecessary changes. Now the difference between changed N-TEC 5's and FAR's max bloom is not so noticeable as it was. I'd prefer the N-TEC 5 over it, and we all know why. As an addition, i suggest buff FAR at other place: Range, ROF, accuracy, but only one of it.
    • N-TEC 5: Was a good gun, become a better gun. With no reasonable alternative, as follows from previous note. Leave it as it is.
    • ATAC: Same as goes with PMG, it was needed to it. With a slight disgust i tried it, and all i see is worse bloom which make people actually aim. But people still use it. And it is usable.
    • Colby SNR 850: Not gonna lie, no one uses JG-snubbing on bronze, but i had pleasure to observe such tactic in FC and had mixed feelings about it, why someone even need to kill with secondary, main reason that people play FC - role maxing, and Gunslinger never was a necessary role to me. Can't see reason that people used this mechanic. Back to the point: it needs to be buffed somehow as soon as possible, no one used it except newbies back in 2011. Necessary nerf but without buff. Why?
    • OBIR: I can agree that reserve ammo change was reasonable (less camping), but, bolt timer is a... terrible mechanic. On all weapons. It literally makes you helpless in cqc, in most of situation i was in. Revert it.
    • Stabba PIG: As was discussed before, it didn't needed such change and im 100% agreed on it. Revert. If you want to make to prevent people and make not skill-based mechanic more skill-based (lmao), maybe look at the Percussion Grenades first? Revert it. 
    • N-HVR 243 'Scout': No one asked these changes, but i'm happy with them. Also it become more newbie-friendly, and silver-friendly (like me 😄 ). Also it makes 243-SD less underpowered as it was before. I'm glad, leave it like this.

    • N-HVR 762: Unnecessary nerf, without necessary buff. Revert it either bring us back jumpshooting and quickswitching (or remove bolt timer at least). Otherwise i can't see the point of using it instead of Scout. Still good damage? Come on, i can't even say "85" to my teammates anymore 😞

    • S1-NA 'Manic': Still usable, but i can't say when i get it in my hands next time. Why nerf the gun which was not even a meta? It's thing was good jumpshoot accuracy. Really can't get why. Revert it, pls.

    • Joker SR-15 Carbine: Big thanks for increasing the reserve ammo count, but it's accuracy was good enough to compete OSCAR before, isn't it? Leave it and don't touch anymore.

    • ACT 44: I refuse to understand, why cut off it's effective range? If equip time is understandable for me (but still unnecessary ngl), range shouldn't be touched. Revert it.

    • Colby RSA: Same unnecessary changes, especially accuracy while walking: it was really hard to me to shoot someone while peeking of the cover. Revert it.

    • ISSR-B: Still a good gun, yet again, unnecessary small changes, but i can thank you for that very smally buffy 😄. Leave it as it is now.

    • Jumpshooting Accuracy Changes: none of these guns needed this, none of these guns used so. Disagreed.

    • Ammo Capacity Changes: was mathematically reasonable, but why nerfing....SBSR? FAR? Any reasons?

    As a conclusion: Most of the nerfs was unnecessary, either not needed so. I'm not really a meta gun user (SBSR Coroner is my main gun, imagine that), but never liked when you guys touch something what should not be touched, maybe you should make a little poll for any of changes? Just to be sure that players allow them. I know, Silver's opinion and Gold's opinions can differ very much, but we all people, didn't we? APB is not a perfect game, and i can't remember when it was, players was always divided in opinions, and misunderstanding become a common case here. Ngl i was being toxic myself too, up to now 😄 But i think we deserved a little chance to make APB we dreamed of. Let's not waste it. Thanks Little Orbit for all their work and effort spent on the game, i hope you will listen not just the only ones you listen to now, and pay a little attention for us, average players.

    Thank you for your attention, tried my best to explain all my thoughts.


    110% AGREEMENT!

  6. On 9/11/2020 at 7:32 PM, Leefekyn said:

    Like the PIG changes, can I recommend stun grenades get nerfed to 850 stun damage as well? Maybe buff the ltl primaries too? Also, bloom recovery on the TG-8 could be buffed, as it stands it can be a bit inconsistent. (Recovery Delay is too long, but recovery per second is very good.)


    Also you nerfed the snub? The equip time was the only reason to use the gun in any situation. Could have been better to add some timer to the JG instead of nerfing a meme weapon.


    Also, I don't think the PIG nerf will alter PIG+Perc much. Damage dropoff doesn't start until 3m (out of the 5.5m radius) with the percs, so there is still a decent buffer for missing. I definitely need to test it in game to be sure though. I'm still all for the PIG change, but don't think it will nerf that playstyle at all. 

    Smells like Criminal ButtHurtness to me.




    On 9/11/2020 at 8:32 PM, Vnight said:

    Oh great... more nerfing.


    And to see most of you even agree with it, disgusting.

    This way you can all see what this place has evolved into.


    Secluded mindsets, ready to pop out whenever there is something to abuse over whatever is left of this game.

    Cheering this terminal condition under the impression that every step its actually good as long as it sound like an update.


    At this point we will have to cope with this preeminent sect of ppl that consider harm as a productive improvement overall.

    No wonder you can't find this game articles ANYWHERE, not even low radar top games of any kind, not before,and not EVER i believe.


    Yet the strange thing is that this game does have addictive properties, so it does have allot of potential, problem is the influence of its reputation and development.

    The translation for this kind of "updates" should sound something like this: "disarm all the noobs of their metas, and let us yellows enjoy it all."


    I must say... i haven't seen any good upgrade other than that jt store improvement since LO took over.

    Either way, you have officially nerfed all the weapons i enjoyed using before, "thaaaaaanx!" LO, less weapons to play, less interest to endorse the rules.


    Gonna have to enjoy afk more often than before now... it helps with the justification of staying bronze ^^ cuz u see, being bronze avoids you of that stupid district joining extra text, which depletes my mouse allot, silver is so yesterday, and im loving it.


    I'm only joining this game to play dailies twice a week, as for winning or losing, i couldn't care less, after all... it is our health in play here, if you reality check into it.


    I would like to honor mention the Mobile cover, you have drove that into the ground right after a few months i just got used to it, thank you LO couldn't appreciate more. you bunch are all over it when i less expected it, keep up the good job 🙂


    I kinda have this feeling that after engine upgrade they will gain some overconfidence and start hunting down bronze 255 lmao.

    Good for me, im tired by now, and all i want its some peace and fucking relaxation, this game its all about stress, and addiction.

    All I hear is meta gun user that is Butthurt. The upate is legit, sure it needs some tweaking but it was warranted becuz of Tryhard meta boys.

  7. On 10/1/2020 at 9:53 AM, ColorBauss said:

    I think it definitely could work, give it a same kind of windup as true ogre.

    Something along the lines of 0,4 second wind-up, 0,5 kill time, with recoil and accuracy that is punishing enough to not be able to hit all shots beyond 20-30m meters.

    Depending on the fire rate, lets say a kill requires 10 bullets, then a suitable magazine size would be 40-50.

    Don't need it. All you need is 12 year ZERO life Gamer with FBW and macro.

  8. On 6/29/2020 at 7:50 PM, Frosi said:

    Since the crashing is so inconsistent I'd advise to simply keep lowering the games graphics until the crashes stop happening. You can even try to mess with the advanced launcher options and see if theres a way to stop making the game crash without sacrificing quality of things you care about such as Characters, Cars etc.

    Everyone should play on the worst graphics POSSIBLE and stream on Twitch.

    Also, continuosly press space bar as often as possible.

    Best way to make people NEVER want to play the game.

    Carry on.

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  9. Best thing ever is when all the shady people have to hop on Silver after the server Crashes.

    I Don't go GOLD cuz I aint good, but all the perm dethreaters have to go where they should. But it is nice when the Bronze dethreat trollers HAVE to resest!


  10. Every mod has a upside and a downside in this game. BUT, Not IR3, WHY. LO caved to Dbag Permanent WaterFront 10 year No Life Vets.

    Prove me Wrong.

  11. When you have a item that needs to be turned in and held for either team....

    If the opposing team has points, they should NOT be able to just take the item and run away with it. At some point the the points should start counting down in reverse for NOT putting it on base.

    After ALL thats what everyone in the game regardless of skill level does.

    You all fuzzy bunny and call everyone p****ies but you then do it on the very nnext mission and some how come with some justification for ONLY yourself.

    Futhermore..... Its really funny when the HOLD item is a BANK truck, and ppl complain that you drove away and you are P%$$Y!

    Like you are just to stop in the street! Get a grip on you yourselves. The Most Toxic thing in this game is the forums with a close second being the chat in game.

    It's like so dumb, The entire community of this game is MORALLY BANKRUPT!

    Just calle me the pig, cuz pigs LIKE SHIt, Give it to me for saying the truth!


  12. Flame on!

    Just my observations, Alot more cheating in the last few months.

    Wallhacks OF COURSE!

    A few NTEC'ers that just hold the button down and hit at all ranges.

    (Video proof of a guy asking me if I wanted the link to his download, he felt justified because he plays with 250ms, but he is still playing)

    Was even getting seriously damaged by a NTEC at 95 meters one time!

    Couple of OCA's that just auto lock on.

    Funny Thing is 85% of this is from the same clan, But OH HELL NO GOD FORBID we say it.

    The whole world has gone upside down, Not allowed to call out BS.

    Why are we following the rest of crowd and giving in to BS.

    We protect the rapist from being hurt, but don't care about who got raped, but at the same time say they care about women.

    It's really smart, and everyone has bought into being woke.

    But, you ain't woke YOU are Brainwashed. 

    Common sense should prevail.

    YES IT IS ALL relevant. ANY company that put out anything saying they Support a domestic terrorist Organization do it for one reason.

    They are wimps and cannot stand up for what they KNOW is right,BECAUSE they are SCARED.

    Guess what, It doesn't work!

    They will still Burn your crap down.

    Think its not the same!

    It is. Don't protect Cheats. Cheats should be called out for what they are.




    Watch how fast this gets taken down. Will be sad and EVEN further prove my point if it does!


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  13.  Can't beleive this has never been addressed. As a Crim I can send in game email attachments all day long to members and to my other characters.

    But, as I cop i have to wait 1 minute per 3 emails sent, to send send a symbol or something again. BIAS

    Why?, what is the purpose of this?

    Furthermore, Why is there NOT a better interface for sharing clan logos and symbols amongst clannies?

    It makes ONE person be responsible for it all!

    If you are MADE a officer of the clan, you should have the ability to duplicate Clan symbols.

    But ONLY the creator can do it. And FREAKING THEN! he CAN ONLY SEND ONLY 3 PER MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT...............ONLY IF YOU ARE A COP, not so for CRIM its just a stupid Overlook. ONLY I HOPE!



  14. 15 hours ago, ElectroStingz said:

    Using the most effective weapons and loadout / cars that are known to achieve results does not create a tryhard.


    Tryhard is a mindset, a way of life for some.


    They are the people that are above their own team, if it goes wrong you are to blame not them and in fact they cannot lose as it's never their fault.

    Helping you is not how it works, you either help them or get told to go to a bronze server.


    When a tryhard wins it really is a great achievement, they are so proud to have slaughtered a weaker team and like to tell you about it.

    If however they lose there will always be a backup excuse such as you were using op weapons or they were having connection issues hence the sudden disconnect prior to losing the mission.

    A bad loser, a bad winner and someone that you can rely on to give up half way during a mission when things start to fall apart.

    This is the Tryhard of APB, spitting on you since RTW.

    Amen, that's most if the players right there. Immature

    Exactly, like the guy who immediately disliked my comment, thus proving the point of the guy I was agreeing with....lol

  15. 10 hours ago, Flaws said:

    .45 AP is definitely better if you have the aim required for it so for a good player, it is the superior choice. The FBW is just the easy way to go but it's ttk is higher. I still do think that the FBW is too easy. You have the mobility that secondaries carry so you can strafe and jiggle everywhere (as you don't ADS with it). You have 15 shots where you only need to hit 6 which not only means that you can miss all day long but if you don't miss, you can take out two players with one mag. It's very accurate for it's 30m drop off range, it's very spammy and it takes no skill to handle it since it has no real recoil, nothing to recover from etc. Then you also have the Sight Zero variant of the FBW which gives it RS1 and takes it's hipfire accuracy ever so slightly higher. It's an unpopular opinion but I'd go as far as to say that the FBW needs a slight nerf in some regard. It's literally a pocket carbine that you can spam when you can't handle your primary in tighter situations.


    .45 AP is my choice definitely.


    Edit: In regards to the latency argument, I still used to play .45 AP on NA when I still had 160ms there and owned with it 😛  (so I'd say it's still perfectly capable if you have the aim for it)

    PLEASE GOD  nerf that spammy trash FBW.

  16. On 2/20/2020 at 12:47 PM, Acornie said:

    You have to look at the early years and understand that G1 had an abundance of unreleased content that RTW had created that they could release for several years, so it was miles easier for them to release content,

    We have the engine update thread, what more proof does this community need?! Matt is as honest as we can expect him to reasonably be, we essentially got weeks of 'welp we tried some things and they didn't work' do you think old G1 would have told us this? They preferred to be silent for years even after promising an engine time and time again

    We shouldn't see content before the engine, that would only benefit the less than a thousand players still playing this mess of a stuttery game, we need 3.5 for anyone who may come back for new content to stick around

    I don't see how you can look at Matt's updates and think it will be a year minimum, they are in the final stretch, albeit a time consuming and completely unstraightforward process of attempting to improve performance, Matt told us this is the last major blocker, but it's extremely important so I don't expect to see the engine in a month... (it's hard to imagine it ever coming out) but I give it 6 months max; that's how long we have.... not that I'm guaranteeing it will be out then but that if it takes longer than that then this game might as well shut down.

    I agree and pray you are right. 

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