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  1. Your argument would be valid if the hazardous had a gimmick mod or was special in anyway, but sadly it just have 2 regular locked mods that it's far better without them, nothing special at all.
  2. I already stated that driving is fine, so this doesn't mean it's a hardware issue.
  3. Since the new event, whenever i spawn, my character keeps moving right without pressing anything, pressing left makes him stop. Also driving cars is normal. Please help. (PS: I would have posted this in the bug section but i thought it would get more attention if i posted here)
  4. I had the normal frag grenade and none of them had fragile, they didn't take dmg from gravity. I guess they just popped an ammo box right as i threw it just like the ones above said.
  5. Did they buff the damage of grenades? Because i killed someone with full hp with one normal frag grenade two different times, only my name popped in the killfeed and I'm 1000% sure i didn't even shoot them.
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