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  1. Bumping this to try to keep it up top again this is not the old bnb we are rebuilding from ground up (we have some older members back in) but are looking for new players. Recruitment requrements - speak english - join discord
  2. Thats fine we hold no grudges.. like i said this clan is mainly a friends group since original people have left. we are here just to have fun and play the game anymore this is not the same as the old BnB... I will say if you have issues with members to please message me especially if they are griefing or anything.
  3. This clan was established over 8 years ago and i am the 3rd leader. We are currently just a group of friends that get on to play and have fun. If we build and get more active members we will be hosting clan events which will be posted in the discord with dates and times. We ask that if you join you speak/type English and keep the district rage down (a little is expected but over the top and we will ask you to calm down). Currently really looking for theme makers and song makers, we have a couple of decent designers for symbols which are in the works. Mail Insane2u for an invite or send a friends request (prefer mail first since i dont accept friends i dont know) You can also mail Waterlemons or Bdysncher for an invite to the clan as well
  4. When a cop stuns you you get the circle that counts down so you know when you can get up, but when you get arrested you get the same thing or you use to, so you could let your teammates know how long you have. Recently the arrest timer circle does not work. it just blinks and vanishes. stunned https://gyazo.com/d950eb906fcb5a61e246c830fc0fbfbd arrested https://gyazo.com/c66839973825a4283e72af0dc263791a
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