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  1. I'm really enjoying this event, I could see how amazing the music studio is hah
  2. Hi guys, I did a test a while ago where it was possible to get into some inaccessible parts of the map by positioning the character on top of the shield and shooting it until it broke. In the event of last halloween, many players took advantage of this glitch. Has this flaw been cited here?
  3. I do not know if it is possible, but I think maybe Kempington should try some method to improve the voting, so that this risk does not happen again.
  4. Yes, I do not think punishing players to participate for ever is ideal, but I think there must be time for them to participate again, giving more chances to other people wanting to show their work. Yes, the event is still happening though, I think this week has a specific genre.
  5. I think that people who have already won should not participate, example: vintmint, schlepstein, vacancy, etc. So more people would have chance to win as well.
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