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  1. As an industry we have been moving away from such systems as they have proven to cause a toxic environment for the majority of players. Hidden MMR and removal of deathcounters are now the norm as in general there is a core of gamers who make the game very difficult for the more casual and/or less skilled gamer. They also often tie a lot of their personal pride to their statistics which leads to other issues. I believe Matt also follows this trend as he seems to favour an environment where threat and skill are not so obviously usable as bait to upset other players. I personally do not see the old threat system returning outside of a competitive environment.
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    Wouldn't this remove the flavour being an Enforcer has though? The idea in LTL is to add a bit of spice to the Enforcer playstyle, I know the original idea is a bit dead now but allowing the crims to do exactly the same enforcer spice (arresting people) which is underused anyway would just further make the game about two bland sides who are essentially the same, I feel there needs to be more difference between Enforcers and Criminals even if minor to make playing either side actually different, As of right now the only thing I have that makes my enforcer different is that it is harder to make money but I have flashy lights and orange weapons.
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