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  1. I'm so out of touch I just found out about this today. Not even really bummed about getting my characters wiped. I'm just happy to have a Poct Apoc sandbox to crawl around in again.
  2. I so miss this game... I'd sell my own mother to get a chance at alpha and beta testing the new version that's in the works.
  3. Bit late thanking you for the update. I was wondering what was going on with Fallen Earth, nice day off like today so I wanted to go find out. The original FE v1.0 did a lot with a little. You still have a small but dedicated fan base.
  4. It might not seem like much but good to be given updates. Thanks for not throwing in the towel on a bunch of people who love a project. The new stuff so far looking great. You guys shut down just as I was getting back into playing again. Play wise (sand box wise & crafting wise) please don't mess that up. Haven't seen systems as good as Fallen Earth since back in the Star Wars Galaxies days. Grandpa will shut up about the old days now *grumbles about getting the kids off the lawn*
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