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  1. I usually dont post on the forums cause I havnt felt there was a point in it. Lets face it: Gamersfirst didnt give a shit about APB, they only cared about the money they got from Armas. But from what I have seen so far, LO is atleast trying to make the game better. So my hope is that LO might, hopefully, actually listen to our feedback and make the gun more viable in some way. Note: Im not gonna go into stats like Dmg at certan range, how many shoots to kill, ttk, etc, cause they have already been posted by other players and anyone can view said stats at APB DB. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review of Tommy gun ---------------------------------------------- * The Tommy gun loooooks so cool, its a really cool gun - I LOVE its appearance. Would play it if it was a viable option to use against any competent opponent. * The Tommy gun is only effective in marksmanship mode, unfortunately the game favors non-markmanship guns in close combat and this gun is meant to be a close combat gun. Let me explain: - It takes a couple of milliseconds to enter marksmanship mode: you have to first hold in right mouse button and then hold in left mouse button. This takes time, valuable time, considering it gives your opponent more time to react and to shoot at you. And in APB having the advantage of shooting first (And hitting said bullets) can mean the difference between winning and losing a fight. - You have to compensate ALOT more with the mouse due to the recoil. Which is bad cause it means for most players they will drag their mouse all over the damn desk to compensate for when your opponent strafe. And depending on your sensitivity for when you shoot and your compensating for the vertical recoil you will most likely have to compensate so much that you will nearly pull your mouse off the desk, which means you have to lift your mouse to re-place it at your mouse pad. (The assumption here is that you, like most players, have lower sensitivity on markmanship mode than on normal mouse sensitivity) * OCA, PMG, etc, pretty much any other close combat gun will beat this one due to the difficulty in using it in comparison to them. This results in that this gun is more or less a HANDICAP gun. You use it when you get bad matchmaking with people less skilled than you and you want to even the playfield by playing a difficult gun. But how often do you fight with handicap guns? Not often, or atleast not for long in a mission you actually want to win. * You CAN use Hip-fire with the tommy gun effectively - BUT only if the enemy is within 1-3m of you. Otherwise the recoil will just result in you spraying all over the place. Dosnt matter if you slap RS3 on it. * There are actually people who can use this gun very effectively (Like BlitzKitty) but its extremely uncommon. The rule of thumb for me is that if I see a opponent use the Tommy gun then I know that if I switch to a OCA, PMG, shotgun, etc, then I will most likely win without breaking a sweat (figuratively speaking ofcourse - about the sweat that is. APB Players dont sweat. Everyone knows that.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions ------------------------------------------ In my opinion there is several ways to bring the Tommy gun to par to rest of the close combat guns: * By adjusting its stats: Recoil, accuracy, fire-rate, etc * Thinking outside the box: One idea is that maybe by making it so when instead of entering markmanship mode you are still in hipfire mode but your movement speed gets way lowered (Similar to the speed as in Walk mode?) but also making the recoil more manageable. You will lose mobility but you will gain manageable spraying, which for most people they consider to be the characteristic of the Tommy gun to be: Spraying, shooting tills everything in sight is full of bullet holes. (Think of it like a old gangster movie where the gangsters would hold the gun in the arm, not zoom down sights, while just spraying all over the enemy. Theres a reason it has a BIG magazine.) * Adjust the other close combat guns to be more in par with the tommy gun (Personly I dont suggest this as it would result in alot of guns to be adjusted for just one gun) //The end So there we go, there are my 2 cents on the Tommy gun. I wish you good luck LO, I have high hopes.
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