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  1. Is there any black friday sale comming up ? Wondering if i should save g1c to buy a gun or just buy it now instead
  2. I would like to contact little orbit via email reguarding a question how can i do it lol ?
  3. Will refer-a-friend ever come back ? God i regret not doing it and its something fun you can do with your firends bring new people to the game
  4. Alright everyone thanks for the help ;)
  5. Is there someway i can refound an armas item taht i brought ?
  6. With or without premmium its still 35% only if you trial weapons
  7. @Tizzie To be quite honest its like 40% on weapons and 20% on clothes something like that
  8. Soo, the 50% discount its pretty much still on i just have to spend 5$ to buy premmium ?
  9. Soo, if i buy premmium and buy g1cs after it should be worth it ?
  10. I tought it was 400 still doenst beat 50% KnifuWaifu
  11. I dont think soo... 500 g1c its still 5$
  12. Ye, but i missed it they could make another one any time soon ?
  13. Aahhahah, i dindt have the chance to buy anything and i really wanted to
  14. Are you guys looking forward to do another event of 50% on armas marketplace like you guys did from 3rd july to the 9th? Some players like my might and missed it and you should do a new one
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