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  1. I do hope you put population counter on every district showing how many enforcers and criminals are inside a district because we have to enter each and every district to see many how many players are in. I have seen many new players just cramped the financial and not entering other district even they max out all their contacts in financial mission district
  2. Presila

    Joining Clan bug

    I have created a clan and when the membership reach way before 100 and after it, every member I recruited will be log off automatically and will have a hard time coming back into any district.. I found out that those who I recruited that finish their tutorial will not get log off and continue play as normal. Does this bug has an effect on having a clan or a normal bug that everyone is experiencing logging in to the game? I do have experience several attempt in logging in and it takes almost 30minutes to be successfully log into any district but I played this game since 2016. Server: EU Faction: Enforcer
  3. Suggestion: I think its time to give those Japanese, Koreans and other Asian xbox gamers playing this game to have their own server in xbox one version like we have in PC version rather than they lagging both NA and EU regions
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