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    I see both ends of this argument, as this point its no longer a discussion... As an Enf main that pretty much purely plays LTL. I can say that earning large amounts of cash as an ENF requires certain techniques with LTL weapons and teaming. As playing with randoms is completely dumb. Generally they just kill you while trying to kill the guy you are currently arresting. That being said i always situate myself on the opposite side of the person i'm arresting to their team because i know THEIR team will do the same. I spent the last few days ram raiding on a friends acc and made 3.8mil in a pretty short amount of time, or at least what i consider short. Most of which was watching Netflix and ram raiding in a green district that had me and some brand new enforcer that couldn't figure out how to witness so he rammed my van until i just ignored him and he left. Its a hard balance. I find LTL to be FAR more fun than ram raiding. but Ram Raiding is a fair bit more profitable. If i was to implement a "fix" for this situation it would have a few steps: --CRIM-- 1: Multiple drop locations for crims to give them a fair chance to be camped a bit less. 2: Being Witnessed can only be done from in a police vehicle. This allows crims a few seconds to get into a car and not just instantly be shot in the face while the cop gets out. 3: Crims retain 5% of ram raid money. Maybe they stashed it in their shoe? i don't know or care. --ENF-- 1: A larger bonus to witnessing "High Profile" ram raider. Bonus increasing based on how many buildings/civs that have been terrorized or how much money they've acquired. 2: During a ram raid, if a civ witness's it. After 30 seconds the location of the call should be visible on the map for enfs. 3: Cops should have a feature that allows them to investigate the broken buildings or civ's and either get an instant cash reword or apply a multiplier to finding the ram raider in question. Those steps i feel balances out the differences between them. Offering a more "fair" game play situation for ram raiders and retain at least a TINY portion of the money earned. This also gives ENFs a time-consuming mechanic that can equate to higher rewards and in some ways promote catching ram raiders other then just ruining their time. At least that's some ideas i had on how to patch the balance between ENF and Crim on the topic of ram-raiding. Edit- Some of the numbers used here were just ment for concept, not exact numbers. relax lol Edit2- While thinking about this, I would push the feature of cops investigating the broken buildings and cops can only witness if they see the robbery in action, or have talked to a few of the effected Civs or investigated a few of the ram raiders broken buildings and removing the whole monetary amount limiter. The cop can investigate more of the buildings for a higher multiplier but 2 (or maybe 1?) buildings/people must be investigated first. To combat crims from just murdering the civ's so they cant be witnessed. It doesn't have to be that EXACT civ, It just has to be within a 1 block radius?