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  1. The proposed HVR change does not address the main problem with the HVR. Sure, QS/CQC shots are fairly easy to hit considering the damage output. A change to correct this problem is fine, but it will not stop players from using the HVR at all. We will continue to sit mid-long range, zoom in, 85 (completely take a player out of the game, pick them off with teammates, or just follow it up with a second shot). Not to mention there are plenty of above-average or overpowered secondaries (or low yields) we can use to kills players instead of using a nerfed HVR at close range. The gun is still going to be powerful even with this change, it is virtually unmatched mid to long range. We understand the HVR is difficult to balance, but there are other options. You could buff Obir/Obeya (or other long range guns) to encourage more players to use those guns to counter an HVR. You could nerf the damage of the HVR to 650-700ish or nerf the clipsize (I still think the gun would be powerful, but a bit more balanced). Or you could take the gun out of the game, problem solved. Players will go back to using the Scout, Obir, Obeya for the most part instead. Anyways, this proposed change is not terrible. I just do not think it goes far enough to really change anything. QS is a more a thing of the past anyways and HVR use will not change even with the slight nerf.