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  1. Received an answer that they can not unblock, they will look for alternative solutions. Beautiful words to just say no.
  2. I think that the topic can in principle be closed. They ignore all tickets of this kind, sending them to the status of "solved". Relax...
  3. Maybe she will, but what's the difference if it's only for cheaters. I don't know exactly.
  4. I think we can relax, since the main task is to unbanned cheaters.
  5. It's a pity, there were many hopes, but in fact only the cheaters were lucky :C Of course, I do not mean those who were banned for nothing.
  6. We must wait for answers to them. But I think that they are waiting for the same thing.
  7. I lost the chance of unban. Now I'm really starting to get upset that the cheaters get the 2nd chance, but normal players don't get even a chance -_-
  8. I created two tickets, because I thought the first one sent the wrong one. I no longer answer the last, only the first. Although I previously sent the necessary information to the last, even before today's message.
  9. I just received a response asking for more information about my account. Something similar to what a IZILISE had
  10. I thought about it, too. We need a way to check this.
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