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  1. Aw shoot, thanks anyway man! Not sure where you got that from. We're on every day - apparently need to check the forums a bit more though. If you're interested in joining fill out an app on our site: https://sanparopolicedepartment.org/membership-application/ Lt. Tim "Computim" McLeod Director of Administration www.sanparopolicedepartment.org
  2. The above comment is most definitely NOT SSGT Chang of OUR SPPD. I can confirm that as I've spoken with our Chang. We share an excellent professional relationship with the SCU and have no interest in ending our partnership at this time. Should you be looking for an excellent clan, SCU is one of the best on APB. As always, any sort of major announcement like this can be verified by visiting our clan site -- this one, however, is patently false. Thanks, Lt. Tim "Computim" McLeod DIRECTOR of Administration San Paro Police Department www.sanparopolicedepartment.org
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