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  1. On 8/2/2019 at 10:12 PM, BrandonBranderson said:

    Based on the title I thought it was gonna be a "nerf this" or "remove that" or "Fix matchmaking" or "get rid of the cheaters" thread and I probably would have said who cares or stop whining.  But I actually agree with you, I would like underglow too.  It'd add a lot more color to the game.  Imagine if police lights could be extended to underglow too.  It wouldn't be worth staying away from the game if we never get it, but it would be a neat feature.

    i was imagining more of that street gang parties at nights, glad i didnt make you mad after all lol



    23 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Oh noes. LO better add underglow to get this one max rank crim back!

    the fact that the title cought attention just makes it worthable lol

    On 8/2/2019 at 9:39 PM, VickyFox said:

    That's your reason for quitting APB?


    ...sorry but of all the reasons, that's one of the more shallow ones.

    I love APB too but the population is too low for the game to be fair or engaging so I've quit for now until LO comes up with significant new content.

    i was aiming to catch eyes as it looks like it did thats all

  2. 17 minutes ago, lTheDarkness said:

    You like the game? Fine, come back, you don't like it without UnDeRgLoW? Stay away from it, because who really love the game wouldn't really quit it, but support and help out.


    as i just said above i only put it that way to suggest an idea into the game, rn i am playing like 1 day a week since i am super casual on my non max ranks but the idea wasnt about getting back realy since i didnt actualy leave

  3. First of all i love APB:R And love whats been done to the game but i got that 1 dream wish to you guys, To add Underglow for cars as an decore option. It will be so epic to drive that cool full kit dark fully decorated underglow car and city steet nights. 

    So thats my 1 condition.?

    I know most of you will be salty saying you dont care if ill come back, it was just a way to deliver my wish thats all. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, scaredofsnakes said:

    Dude give it time, they just bought the game

    I feel what you are saying, i am not asking for anything to pop out of the wild, but as the QnA was going they mentioned some Dev streams which i was hoping to see.
    1 hour ago, Caisey said:

    Of course everyone want's to see some changes, but they got a lot to do.

    I know that there is a lot to fix but as i said to scaredofsnakes i am just looking for some quickshots of updates.
    52 minutes ago, Seedy said:

    i think we are going to get some fan daby dozee soon 

    and for you i just dont know what to say lmao.

  5. So.. i asked this question a week ago already i think.. i waited for an admin to respond but yet nothing went up so i thought maybe to bump it with a new post since pumping the other one didnt really work, i will try to be more specific this time aswell.

    Basicaly i bought myself an acc bound of the ALIG Sunfire and regret it pretty much immediately and i asked if it is possible to get refund which i meant a G1C Refund, Not any real cash refund. Basicaly want to get another weapon for the same value.. I hope theres somthing that can work out otherwise i just lost a bunch of money on it..

    Thanks for the responders

  6. Also sub-subject out in the social is the market place, which in my opinion realy need to get sharper, A better searching tools and such.
    I'd also add some unique stands next to the marina dock so it will have that intimacy feel at nights anywho great ideas I just like you would love to see the social getting wider with possibilities, i think thats this is one of the best features the game has to offer and most of us can stay hours hanging out 

  7. 42 minutes ago, AlishaAzureOfficial said:

    "G1C purchases are non-refundable. G1C may not be withdrawn, redeemed, transferred, or converted to real world currency for any reason."

    Thats what is wrote in the G1C Charge section, i don't know if LO going to change.


    The fastest way is to message her through the forum or just wait here.


    Yo thanks !, hope she'll see it and find it logical 

  8. So bascialy i wanna get refunded for the Alig ''sunfire'' whats the fastest reliable place to contact Lil' orbit and get the refund in g1c 
    I dont want to withdrawn back my money i just want to have the g1c back to purchase another weapon

  9. 26 minutes ago, Outofmyway said:

    Either your steamlinked email (and account for that matter) is different either there must be something wrong with your account and I would advise contacting support and resolve the issue from there. But I just don't see how you could possibly have 2 accounts tied to the same email.


    Have you had an innova account before it merged with g1? Maybe the integration didn't completely pass through

    idk whats innova is and i can prove my email gets me into another user i have, also i opened a ticket like 3 days ago.. gamerfirst dont realy respond therefore i tried the forum..

  10. 8 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    You still have a G1 account attached to that steam account that you would have created and linked.

    See thats the thing, i managed to create ''another account'' with this exact email, its like when i try to log into the game with this email ill get another user logged in... i am super confused

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