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  1. Bought it, didn't know you were still around tbh. Thanks !
  2. Hey I saw the theme, sadly it's not really close from what I expected Since you probably took time for it I placed a small bid on it anyway ! Thank you Still looking for the Theme
  3. Hey, i'll check that out thank you.
  4. Hey there, I'm looking for an artist, a man of taste, or simply a good theme maker. Would love the piano part from 0.05-0.10 or 0.19-0.24 which is the same piano part with some bass thing in the back. If anyone is making theme, feel free to contact me here on the forums, or in game if you're lucky (MIUI, Bopi, OfficerBopi) but I would prefer the 1st option ! I've a few in game $ to spend so I don't think your rate will be a problem. EDIT: I'm on Citadel btw
  5. Yup just DLed it, can't be more obvious haha
  6. I agree with the part "secretly implementing BE" could be a great idea even tho it's too late for that now. There is 200+ cheating probably but those are "fresh" accounts. No way those guys are around for 4+ years on the same account, cheating and never got banned. FF wasn't the best, it took time (maybe too much) to detect cheaters but I don't think it was THAT bad.
  7. How can you be so paranoid ? I mean even tho I stopped playing APB regularly ~2-3 years ago now, people still have the same shitty mentality it seems. If a guy is there for 4-5-6 years, I honestly don't think he's cheating. Logged in the other day to play a few matches, even tho i've CBT Veteran above my head, even tho i'm rusty AF, people still PM me deathwish because apparently i'm "cheating". There is only a few % of cheaters, top players can look like cheaters to a nooby nor a casual player but trust me there won't be much veterans (since you're talking about ppl cheating for years) bans once BattleEye is up and running. I'm not saying no one is cheating but it's way less than people think it is. It's not because you get your patootie kicked that the guy is cheating, skill gap is huge in APB.
  8. Let me and my friends team kill each other without being kicked when we're out of a mission...
  9. New forum looks clean AF, good job !
  10. Love the look of the new forums !
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