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  1. On 6/10/2020 at 9:28 PM, Vnight said:

    How do u ppl always manage to get doxed all the time i can't figure, so far i seen so many being affected by all kind of problems after updates, and sometimes expected them myself, but never get(other than that stupid memory insuficience) the problems i always read in here.

    At this point i can only think that u ppl use older hardware or amd hardware, which has proven countless times with problems because of support leakage... Saying that because i used to have lots of AMD hardware myself, and i always had all kind of problems with it.

    Almost forgot... i still have my mouse software on, and it contains macro for apb, which i'm not using, but which i'm expecting to be a problem... and that's because if i turn off my mouse software, i have my keyboard rainbowing on me, and blinding the shit out of me when i play anything.

    In other words... i never underestimate the issues of APB, but surprisingly as paranoid as i am, i never get them.

    Not sure if I quoted you before or not, but if I did, take it as a reminder.


    Are you trying to be the most disliked person on these forums or something of the sort?

  2. On 6/15/2020 at 7:49 PM, Senodus said:

    Hello everyone. I have been wondering which guns looks and sound people enjoy the most around here and would love to read some of your answers. You can add your least favorite looking and sounding ones too. I'm gonna start with mine.


    Top sounding:                                                           

    CSG, Ursus, PMG, PMG-SD, OCA, Heavy HVR, Joker Carbine, CASE, Shredder, ISSR-a Artemis


    Top looking:

    Ursus, PMG-SD, FAR (Joker Store variant), OCA-SD, ACES SMG, Raptor 45 Hawk, N-TEC 5 Dvah, Obeya Spartan, ISSR-a Artemis, CSG, SG-21 Strife


    Worst sounding:

    FAR, STAC, CBMP-45 Bolt, COBR-A, PDW-57


    Worst looking:

    FAR Spearhead, STAR 556, Scoped N-TEC 5, LCR, CBMP-45 Bolt, AMG-556 Stheno, RHD LS1 Corsair, S1-TIC Rabid, NTEC-7c New Glory, JG-840 Tactical, Joker TAS20 - Stock, N-SSW 74, OCA Whisper, OBIR, ACES Rifle,

    I agree with almost everything here except the Top Sounding PMG.


    Thing sounds like a nailgun.

  3. On 6/3/2020 at 9:14 PM, JOSELA said:


    All I see you do ingame is complain, now you gotta take it to the forums as well?


    OT: Yeah, explosive weapons are annoying but easy to counter with teamwork. Since the OSMAW only has 4 rockets, I don't see a reason for the Volcano to have 14, should be 8 or so.

    I believe a few changes should be tweaked - It's fine as AV weaponry, but maybe reduce the health damage just a smidge so it doesn't one shot people? The HVR doesn't - I don't see why a rocket launcher should, regardless of not being hitscan.


    Edit: This is why I don't give my opinion.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Nagletz said:

    Make HB3 having no damage effect at all

    Excuse me, but HB3 with DMR might just be the most fun to play weapon. If you time your shots right you usually stun before a kill and and if your teammates aren't around to arrest the lad, you can shoot them in the face again.


    If HB does get removed, atleast add something similar, but I believe HB is fine as it is.

  5. Quote

    - Agrotech DMR-SD R&D III


    Actually these weapons are totally trash


    Man, if you haven't played the DMR with heavy barrel to do LTL or to simply stun an enemy before you kill them over 80m you haven't lived.

  6. On 5/4/2020 at 10:53 AM, Sayori said:

    So many pmg abusers in the thread. Disgusting. What's even worse is that they probably sleep with their 4x4 vegas and pioneers too. #cargameplay.

    This is why LO will never balance the game.  They have no idea of the game and rely on "the community" which is heavily biased on all topics.

    You ever used a ALIG?

  7. 20 hours ago, StunStick said:

    Basically, I got sick of hearing people with terrible themes that seem like the player just smacked their face into their keyboard a bunch of times to make them.

    I am... 85% sure most people do this on purpose.
    Except that guy I was matched against that had flight of the bumblebee. Definitely had the wrong notes.
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