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  1. Worse off now? Look, free premium is completely useless at the moment. Not only did I lose days of premium I had because of the server maintenance, but it's ridiculous we're given 7 days of premium when the European servers are hosted in the US! The game is unplayable in this state, people can't login, people who can are lagging hard because of server location and the servers crash sometimes for whatever goddamn reason, presumably due to connection issues.
  2. First of all, thanks for the premium compensation. It didn't add to my account though, neither did I get back the few days of premium I had left from the 15 day loyalty rewards. Second - if you're compensating people with 7 days of premium, why not do it when the game is playable on Citadel and actually hosted in Europe? If the server is currently hosted in NY, it's just a waste of premium since the ping from Europe to NA is a bit too high to be fine to play with. That said, it's nice from you to give people some stuff when there's an unexpected server downtime. Thanks.
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