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  1. Yeah, as someone who has developed off and on with VR/AR over the past 20 some years, giving VR priority is usually not the best endeavor. It is an accessibility nightmare, and I have yet to see the ROI has yet to prove itself for any endeavor. But the main problem is you end up wasting resources on making the VR experience passable, that could be use making the non-VR experience extra-ordinary.
  2. I am in as long as they promise to support MacOS like the original team did. (That is why I pledged in the first place).
  3. I am glad to see that the Descent: Underground project is still live spiritually even if legally it has had to made some changes. (Although the new name is cute) I only have one question. One of the main reasons I supported Descent: Underground (other then being a hard core Descent fan back in the day) was they were committed to macOS support for the final game. Will STFU support macOS? Thanks Staque
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