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  1. Hey guys! My name is HumptyDumpty! I like to drive past the speed limit! because it is really smart! especially when it pisses off the cops! Anyone who thinks I'm stupid, is mentally challenged! OH I GOT ARRESTED! I THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT FREE SPEECH! XO
  2. Matt Scott said the enhanced graphics engine upgrade from consoles will release in 2019-2020 following 64bit, I nearly died in a car crash, and corona virus nearly killed me. I guess all this time went by for something that deeply disappoints me. APB 1.30 seems to be the same but with more graphical and gameplay bugs. Is this all of it? 5 years you could've made APB spinoff on Unreal Engine 4. Next, APB will shutdown? and how about the money players spent on the game? will they sue?
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