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  1. After killing all processes of the APB bottle, I am unable to reproduce this. Let's hope it stays this way. In any case, disregard my original message, at least for now.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised by the ability to run APB on Linux (including the Steam Deck), but my joy seems to have been premature. After downloading the new OTW - Valentine's update, I am now getting kicked by BattleEye immediately after entering a district with the message "Unsupported platform". I hope disabling this restriction is a simple change, and you guys are going to do it. Pretty please! https://store.steampowered.com/news/group/4145017/view/3104663180636096966
  3. I confirm that the game runs on Ubuntu 22.10 with an RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU. It runs almost flawlessly, there are two extra issues apart from the ones you mentioned: Alt+Tabbing away from APB and back makes the game shrink into a tiny rectangle in the top left of the window, I was so far unable to fix it without a game restart. I am unable to unlock the FPS cap because the game resets the config file on every launch. Making the config read-only didn't help. The performance is pretty much perfect, no stuttering or crashes. Although I can't say more since I am capped to 145 FPS. My configuration for anyone interested: Bottles 50.2 from Flathub Runner soda-7.0.7 (default) NVIDIA driver 525.60.11 Both X11 and Wayland work
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